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    The printers in the library are not set to automatically print on both sides of the sheet of paper. I have

    noticed that my own personal consumption of paper has been greatly reduced through the Tech Center`s

    effort to encourage double-sided printing. I am sure that the amount of paper used in the library would

    greatly decrease if it took the Tech Center`s lead and set double-sided printing as the default setting.



    Change all printers to print on both sides (duplex mode) by default.




    I would like to see Hand Sanitizing Lotion bottles scattered around the building. I am a professor in the

    business school and I think if these lotions were around, the faculty, staff and students would be

    encouraged to use them (rather than go to the bathroom to wash their hands). And that may create fewer

    illnesses especially given our close contact. They could squirt some in their hands as they are walking to

    class.To followup on this, perhaps these hand sanitizer companies would love the free publicity or you

    could sell the ad space on those containers.
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