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Management Academy Application Form
(revised as of 8/22/16)
Management Academy Recomendation Form
(revised as of 8/22/16)


The Management Academy (MA) is a 5 ½ session certificate program created for High Performance - High Potential employees at the T-24 Level and above.

The MA is designed to:


  • define professional development, career development, leadership and organizational opportunities
    and realities
  • provide an overview of Temple University, its culture and structure, the University’s strategic initiatives,
    and how finances impact institutional planning
  • expose participants to more senior level organizational leaders for mentoring and networking opportunities
  • identify key administrative and interpersonal skills needed to progress at Temple University

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Full time administrators at the T-24 level or higher
  • Nomination must be approved by a Dean, Vice President or Budget Unit Head

        Nominees must:

  • Complete an application and obtain a letter of recommendation
  • Have distinguished themselves over time as reflected by their PDP scores (Exceeds Expectations and above)
  • Have taken on additional work assignments and responsibility and excelled
  • Have been recognized as individuals who could be developed for higher level management and leadership positions


2016-17 Session Dates and Proposed Topics

  11/09/16 TU & You: Opportunities, Realities, Challenges and Rewards
  12/14/16 Surveying Temple
  01/11/17 Understanding Self and Others
  02/08/17 Communicating With Finesse-Horizontally, Vertically and Diagonally
  03/08/17 Success Tools and Topics: Team Presentations
  04/12/17 Planning Your Future Leadership Success (1/2 day)


Attendance at all sessions is required.

Program Cost: $500.00 paid by the participants’ schools, colleges or departments

Please submit both forms electronically via email to:

Kimberly Sakil, Training Coordinator, HR Learning and Development


Management Academy Application Deadline: September 26, 2016.

Selected participants will be notified by October 7, 2016.


For additional information about Management Academy 9,

please contact Eric Brunner @ 7-2215 or

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