Management Academy

The Management Academy (MA) is a specialized program designed for mid-level employees at the University considered to be high performing and/or high potential. In this academy, participants will:

The MA is designed to:


  • define professional development, career development, leadership and organizational opportunities
    and realities
  • provide an overview of Temple University, its culture and structure, the University’s strategic initiatives,
    and how finances impact institutional planning
  • expose participants to more senior level organizational leaders for mentoring and networking opportunities
  • identify key administrative and interpersonal skills needed to progress at Temple University

This academy is not intended to address issues related to supervisory responsibilities. If your applicant is in need of supervisory training and or development, please refer them to the Supervisory Academy (previously Supervisory Development Program), in place of the Management Academy.

This academy meets one full day a month from November 2018-April 2019. Applicants are asked to carefully examine the schedule below before applying to ensure that participation is possible. Attendance at all sessions is required.  Inability to attend all sessions may result in our asking you to step out of the program.


Eligibility Requirements:

Full time administrators at the T-24 level and above may submit applications that must be approved by a Dean, Vice President, or Department Head. Applicants must have received an Exceeds Expectations or above on previous year’s PDP for consideration.

2018-19 Session Dates and Proposed Topics


TU & You: Opportunities, Realities, Challenges and Rewards


Surveying Temple


Understanding Self and Others


Communicating With Finesse-Horizontally, Vertically and Diagonally


Success Tools and Topics: Team Presentations


Planning Your Future Leadership Success (1/2 day)


All full-day sessions run from 8:30AM - 4:00PM on Main Campus with light breakfast and lunch provided.

Program Cost: $550 paid by the participants’ schools, colleges or departments

Application: Click here for the application form. Send the completed form to Lyndsey Karp
Management Academy Application Form

Lyndsey Karp, Training Coordinator, HR Learning and Development

Application Deadline: September 28, 2018 at 4pm. Selected participants will be notified by October 6, 2018.
For additional information about Management Academy, please contact the Learning and Development Department at 7-2218.
updated: 08/28/2018


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