International Educators' Academy
Picture of Temple University flag with International Educators' Academy written across the image.
The International Educators' Academy is a 4 half-day certificate program created to support and promote international education, research, cultural competence and entrepreneurial efforts at Temple University and to enhance the University’s international and global leadership capacity.
The program will be held in the University Learning Center, Mitten Hall, Room 250, Main Campus, 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM. Lunch will be provided each day in the Diamond Club. Sessions will be led by University subject matter experts from academic and administrative departments and guest presenters.
Session Dates and Topics (Attendance at all sessions is required):



Globalizing Temple University



Immersion and Cultural Competence


Risk Management


Changing Dynamics of Internationalization at Temple University

Program Cost: Free for Temple University employees.
Eligibility Requirements:
Full time faculty members, administrators and staff interested in increasing their knowledge and skills in the area of international education, research and programming.
Application must be approved by applicant’s immediate supervisor and Dean, Vice President or Budget Unit Head.
To apply, complete the form below
International Educators Academy Application Form (revised as of 12/03/18)
Please submit the application electronically to:
Lyndsey Karp, Training Coordinator, HR Learning and Development
International Educators Academy Application Deadline: January 11, 2019
(Submission of this application indicates that you are available to attend all program dates!)
For additional information about the International Educators Academy 8, please contact Eric Brunner at 7-2215 or
update: 12/03/2018
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