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Payroll Due Dates



          Payroll Due Dates                              




Employee: Due Dates

The Payroll Management Staff requires submission of documents such as:  

  • Revised Form W-4
  • Direct Deposit Authorization
  • Personal Data changes such as address changes or emergency contact data changes

to be completed as follows:

  • Employees paid monthly, submit to Payroll Management by the 10th of each month
  • Employees paid biweekly submit to Payroll Management by the Friday before the pay period for which the change is to be effective

Employees at the University are encouraged to utilize Self-Service Banner (SSB) through TUportal to verify and update Personal and Work Information. Employees can also view their detailed Leave record and access the Organizational Hierarchy from this site. 

Direct Deposit


It may take up to two pay cycles for direct deposit of pay to begin or an account change to be made because the University submits a pre-note or test file to the bank at the time the authorization is established to verify the ABA number and Account Number of the financial institution provided to us.  Assuming the data is valid, the direct deposit of funds will be made in the second pay cycle.  When making changes please plan accordingly.  If you change or close a bank account, you must notify us immediately.  Funds deposited to a closed or invalid account will not be replaced until they have been returned to the University.


Business Managers: Due Dates

Payroll due dates vary depending on whether your employees are paid on a monthly or bi-weekly basis.

  • Monthly Payroll – The 10th is the deadline for all input.  We cannot guarantee processing of paperwork received after that deadline.  Since terminations and reductions in pay cannot always be planned to avoid overpayments, we will accept these up to the day before the payroll runs, however please submit them as soon as possible. 
  • Biweekly Payroll – Every Other Monday at Noon is the deadline for all input. 

  • KRONOS signoff - Every Other Monday by 3 pm.
  • Leave Activity – Attendance record information must be recorded on a timely basis for all applicable employees.  This information is displayed on an employees paycheck on Self-Service Banner (SSB) through TUportal.  The information is utilized to generate reports for Senior Management at the University.


Payroll Processing Guidelines

  • Refer to University Employee Handbook and the University Payroll Forms web site for detailed instructions on processing payroll transactions.
  • Forms should be delivered immediately upon completion.
  • The use of social security number on forms has been eliminated with the University wide conversion to the use of the TUid number unless required by federal law and this is indicated on the form.
  • Adhering to the payment schedule is critical for timely processing. Forms received after the posted due dates will result in non-payment for the expected pay period.


Payroll Schedules

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