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Welcome to the web site for Payroll Management, a division of the Department of Human Resources at Temple University. The mission of the Payroll Department is to fully utilize our employees, technological resources and partnerships in order to deliver timely and accurate compensation and information to all of our customers.









Monthly Payroll - M1 Schedule>
• 10th of the month for the submission of all university department paperwork. If the 10th falls on Saturday or Sunday, the deadline is Monday.

Biweekly Payroll - B1 Schedule>
• Every other Monday of the pay week at Noon for all manual input.

KRONOS Approval
• Every other Monday by 3 pm and the 15th of the next month for monthly employees.

Terminations and Reductions/Dockings in Pay
• Please notify us as soon as you become aware of a termination or docking that falls outside of the processing
deadlines so that we can take the necessary steps to adjust the payroll as soon as possible.

Paperwork includes all employment requisitions submitted through Taleo, the TUPortal requisitions for full-time faculty and graduate students, expense distribution change forms, payroll adjustment forms, manual time reports and
payroll deduction requests.



2018 Tax Rates
The Social Security Tax Rate for employees is 6.2% with maximum taxable earnings of $128,400. 
(Source: Social Security Administration Website)

Medicare tax rate is 1.45% with no maximum wage base limit.

Additional Medicare tax rate is 0.9% and will be withheld on employee wages paid in excess of $200,000 in the calendar year.
PA State Personal Income tax rate is 3.07%
PA State Unemployment tax rate is .07%
City of Philadelphia Wage tax rates is 3.8809% for Philadelphia residents and 3.4567% for Non-residents.
The 2018 monthly limit for the qualified transportation and parking programs has increased to $260.
Click here for a print version of the 2018 tax rate table
Revised: 07/16/2018  
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