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Understanding Your Paycheck

The University Paycheck and/or Direct Deposit Advice provides employees with a detailed Statement of Employee Earnings and Deductions.  This Statement should be retained for your records and not discarded.  The Statement is organized into the following sections:

  1. Demographic Data:

    • Name
    • TUid
    • Department Number and Name
    • Advice/Check Number
    • Advice/Check Date
    • Pay ID
    • Pay #
    • Pay Period Ending Date
    • Tax Filing Status

  2. Message Area – This should be read frequently to receive helpful reminders and notifications throughout the year.

  3. Hours and Earnings – Listing of the Description and Gross Amount of Earnings Paid.

  4. Deductions and Distributions:
    • Taxes – Amount of current and year-to-date taxes withheld from your pay.
    • After Tax Deductions – Amount of voluntary and involuntary deductions withheld from your pay after taxes.
    • Pretax Items – Amount of deductions withheld from your pay on a pretax (before tax) basis.  These items include but are not limited to pension, medical and dental benefits, medical spending, dependent care, and qualified parking and transportation.
    • Employer Retirement Contributions – Amount of pension contribution made on your behalf by the University.
    • Current Net Pay Distributions


  1. Leave Balances – Indicates the amount of Available and Used Vacation, Sick, and Personal Leave balances as of the date provided on the Statement.
  1. Reconciliation of Gross Pay to Net Pay for the current and year to date period.  The amount of YTD Federal Gross should be the amount reported in Box 1 of your annual W-2 form.





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