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Frequently Asked Questions



What is Kronos?

Kronos is an automated time, attendance and leave management application.  It is part of the overall ERP/Banner project implementation.


Who will use Kronos?

Employees that are paid by the hour will use the system to record hours worked and leave time. Other employees will use the system to record leave time, at a minimum.


Who will not use Kronos?

TAUP and Law Faculty, Adjunct faculty, and graduate students receiving an assistantship, internship, or externship will not use Kronos.


How Will Kronos record my time?

  • By punching in and out at a Kronos time clock.
  • By punching in and out by use of the Kronos web based Employee module.
  • By reporting hours to a timekeeper (for employees not eligible to receive overtime)


Will training be provided?

Employee Training will be provided by HR/Payroll Management to all schools, colleges and administrative departments as we phase in each area. The type of training you receive will be based on how you will use Kronos.

Will I be kept informed of the process? Who do I contact if I have questions?

This web site will be continually updated to show the progress of the Kronos Project. For further inquiries concerning the KRONOS Workforce Time and Attendance Implementation Project, please contact Donna Calendo, Assistant Director/HR Information Management at 215-204-3116.

What should I do if I cannot swipe at a clock or use Kronos timestamp on my computer to record my time?

Notify your supervisor or timekeeper so that your punch can be added manually. Your timekeeper will contact the Kronos support desk at 1-3116 to have your issue resolved.

How can I receive support for Kronos after 5:00 PM?

After 5:00 PM, email your questions, issues and requests to or call 215-204-3116 and leave a message. Your will receive a repsonse the following business day.

As a student or an employee how do I get started on using Kronos?

Once you have been informed by your department  to start using Kronos on your PC to record your time, the following URL takes you to the Kronos login page:

As a Kronos timekeeper, how do I get started using Kronos?

Once you have completed Kronos timekeeper training, the following URL takes you to the Kronos login page for timekeepers:

Where can I find the form to add or remove a Kronos timekeeper for my department?

Complete the Kronos System Access Request Form that can be found at:

Why don't I see my student employee in Kronos?

Work study and student employee jobs end with the academic year. Please contact HR if you have questions regarding the end date for a work study or student employee's job.

Where can I find more information on the Kronos time & attendance system?

Click on the link below or type the website address into your browser:



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