Direct Deposit

For convenience and security purposes, all current employee direct deposit information is now submitted electronically through the TUPortal. Please follow the instructions below to set up your bank information or to change currently active direct deposit allocation.

If you require additional assistance or clarification, please feel free to Contact Us anytime.

Direct Deposit Allocation Instructions
Log onto the TUPortal with your AccessNet username and password.
Click on the “Staff Tools” tab along the top.
In the section called “Pay and Tax Information,” Click on “Direct Deposit Allocation”.
Toward the bottom of the page, Click on “Add New Direct Deposit Allocation” or “Update Direct Deposit Allocation”.
You will then be directed to set up your **Two Step Verification with a designated phone number. Once set up, repeat Steps 2-4 and complete the verification process.
If you are adding a new bank account, type in your Bank Routing Number (if correct, the Bank name will automatically populate), the Account Number (no spaces or dashes), select an Account Type (“Checking” or “Savings”), and either select “Remaining Amount” or an “Amount or Percent.” Then Click “Save” to submit information.
If you are switching bank accounts from a previously active direct deposit allocation, you must first inactivate the previous account. Click on the active Bank Name, select the box next to “Inactivate,” and Click “Save.” Then Click “Update Direct Deposit Allocation” at the bottom of the page and enter your new bank information (See Step 6).
Please be advised, if you are adding multiple accounts for direct deposit, one of the accounts MUST be designated to receive the “Remaining Amount” of your paycheck deposit.
Any new direct deposit allocation or changes to Routing and/or Account Numbers must go through a “Prenote” verification with your financial institution. This process can take up to 2 Pay Periods to take effect AND you will receive a paper check until the verification is complete.
WARNING! Please STOP the direct deposit of your pay BEFORE closing your bank account. There may be a fee assessed for returned funds on closed accounts.

Two Step Verification:
For security purposes, selecting HR information (Direct Deposit Allocation, Employment Verifications, W-2 Electronic Access, and Dependent Information) requires employees to set up a Two Step Verification with a designated phone number. Employees can find complete instructions for this process on the Computer Service.

updated: 08/18/2017


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