Contact with Minors Background Check Certifications

Temple University has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to the safety and protection of minors on campus by requiring employees in positions with significant likelihood of contact with minors to complete mandatory background checks. We are committed to protecting minors and ensuring university compliance with employment laws in the state of Pennsylvania.

According to the PA Child Protective Services Law (CPSL) employees who have responsibility for the care, supervision, guidance, and control of children or who have routine interaction* with children are required to provide their employer with comprehensive background checks. The law excludes an “employee of an institution of higher education whose direct contact with children, in the course of employment, is limited to either prospective students visiting a campus operated by the institution of higher education, or matriculated students** who are enrolled with the institution.”

Employees who are subject to this law must undergo the Child Abuse Certification process prior to their first day of work. All certifications are subject to renewal in accordance with the state law and university policy. Employees must obtain the Child Abuse Certifications listed below and complete a Disclosure Statement to satisfy the requirements to work with minors on campus.

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Criminal History Record
  • Pennsylvania Criminal History Record
  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Certification
*Routine interaction is regular and repeated contact that is integral to a person’s employment or volunteer responsibilities.
**Matriculated student is a student who is enrolled in an institution of higher education and pursuing a program of study that results in a postsecondary credential, such as a certificate, diploma or degree.


updated: 08/31/2017
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