Staff - Labor and Employee Relations

Deirdre Culbreath-Walton, Director of Employee Relations (215) 926-2296 [7-2296]
Deirdre acts as the liaison between Temple’s department/schools management and the Human Resource department. She handles all employee/labor relations for the University that involves disciplinary issues, employee/management disputes and employee complaint procedures. She also oversees the management of unemployment compensation, the termination process, workplace investigations and exit interviews.

Monica J. Washington, Director of Labor Relations, (215) 926-2297 [7-2297]
Monica acts as the liaison between Temple’s department/schools management and all eleven (11) University Unions. She leads contract negotiations, hears Union grievances, manages and participates in arbitrations, guides unemployment compensation hearing preparation, advises management concerning disciplinary issues, and resolves employee/management disputes. She also advises management on reorganizations and layoffs.

Ebony M. Jones, Manager of Labor/Employee Relations (215) 926-2265 [7-2265]
Ebony assists Deirdre and Monica with both Employee and Labor relations. She handles disciplinary issues, employee management disputes and employee complaint procedures; as well as grievance hearings and unemployment hearings. She also reviews ADAA requests and conducts workplace investigations.

Felisha Brown, Administrative Coordinator, (215) 926-2298 [7-2298]
Felisha maintains the scheduling of meeting for LR &ER and provides administrative support. Felisha manages the process of terminations and vacations payouts. In addition, handles unemployment claims, coordinates and maintains databases for unemployment, grievances, arbitrations, layoffs, and exit interviews. Handles the scheduling of all grievances and distribution of bargaining unit lists.

Smith, Symone, Administrative Assistant, (215) 926-2290 [7-2290]
Symone serves as the main contact for all Labor and Employee Relations inquiries. In addition, she handles the processing of all terminations and grievances. She maintains the separation of employment databases.

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updated: 09/26/2016
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