Tuition Remission Procedures

The tuition remission program includes expenses for tuition only; any other fees are not covered under the program. Employees should also be aware that in any given semester, the value of tuition remission benefits on a per-credit-hour basis will equal the per-credit-hour rate of the least costly program offering the degree at Temple University. For example, the calculated rate of tuition remission per-credit-hour for the Executive MBA program will not exceed the standard per-credit-hour rate for the traditional MBA program.

The first step is to register for the course(s). For assistance with the registration process, you may contact the Academic Resource Center

Procedure for Submitting Tuition Remission Request:

Once the student has registered, Temple University employees need to log into TUportal to submit the online Tuition Remission request.

  • Select Staff Tools.
  • Scroll down to Employee Forms Channel and select Bursar.
  • Select Tuition Remission Tab
                 - Employee's information will be displayed in the "Requested By" frame.
                 - Select Term from drop down box.
                 - Select Recipient - Dependent, or Spouse/Certified Domestic Partner, or Self/Employee.
  • Click the Radio button for the Recipient you would like processed.
                 - If Self/Employee is selected, you will need to answer a question in a pop-up dialogue box.
  • Click Submit.
  • Student will receive an e-mail notification once the tuition remission is posted to the student account.
PLEASE NOTE: Graduate and spousal/partner tuition benefits are considered taxable. Under current tax law, the value of employee graduate tuition benefits in excess of $5,250.00 will be included in the employee’s taxable wages and all applicable taxes will be withheld during the year that the tuition benefits are received. Spousal/partner tuition benefits, both undergraduate and graduate, are considered a taxable benefit.
updated: 04/07/2016


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