Employee Home Ownership Program / Philadelphia Home Buy Now
Philadelphia Home.Buy.Now provides opportunities for employees to maximize their employer's homeownership contribution.
The program will continue providing employees with home buying and financial education workshops, information on housing counseling agencies and other housing resources.  If you have any questions, please contact Jojy Varghese, program manager, at jvarghese@uac.org or 215-851-1738.
Philadelphia Home.Buy.Now (www.uac.org/philadelphiahomebuynow) is an employee-assisted housing program, which works with employers to provide financial assistance to their employees for the purchase of a home. This financial assistance allows the employees to become eligible for additional products, including an interest-free loan of up to $8,000 from PHFA. Properties within Temple’s Employee Home Ownership program zip codes are eligible for these financial options, as well as other home buying and financial education services.
Other services of the Philadelphia Home.Buy.Now program include discounts for housing related services for Philadelphia Home Buy Now participants and housing related workshops. To apply for Philadelphia Home.Buy.Now, please review the Program Packet, and follow the steps listed on page 1 on the Application Forms. For more information, contact Jojy Varghese at 215-851-1738 or jvarghese@uac.org.
updated: 12/27/2017
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