Vision Coverage

Includes Coverage for:

Employee, spouse, and unmarried legally dependent biological, adopted, and stepchildren to age 23.

Domestic Partner – Coverage is available for employees with certification that he/she is a member of a domestic partnership in accordance with Temple University’s policy.

Excludes Coverage for:

         Dependent children may be covered through the end of the year in which they reach age 23.

Employee Contribution: None

Plan: Vision evaluation and provision of eyeglasses once every two years. Employees and their eligible dependents must have their eye exam performed by the Temple University Department of Ophthalmology in order to receive benefit coverage for the exam. Employees then have the option to choose a standard pair of frames and lenses for free, or different frames and specialty lenses and pay the additional cost. In lieu of eyeglasses, some employees may elect to receive a $25 allowance for the purchase of contact lenses.

Exam: A vision care exam consists of an evaluation of refractive error (glasses) and an exam of the eye that includes an exam of the anterior part of the eye, the optic nerve and the central retina. Such an exam is designed to detect cornea problems, cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Advances in examination techniques often permit these exams to be done without dilating the pupil. If necessary, a dilated exam for a peripheral retinal exam or for diabetes may be done during the vision care appointment, but a follow up medical exam may be required.

Contact Lenses: If you wish to have an exam for contact lenses, there is an additional charge for this type of exam.

The University Department of Ophthalmology provides eye exams and eyeglasses at the following locations:

Health Sciences Campus
Temple Hospital, Parkinson Pavilion
6th Floor, Suite 630
3401 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140
Ph. 215-707-5300
Jeanes Hospital Campus
Physicians' Office Building
Suite 201
7500 Central Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19111
Ph. 215-707-3185
Ft. Washington
Temple Health Ft. Washington
515 Pennsylvania Avenue
Fort Washington, PA 19034
Ph. 215-540-0120
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Employees calling to make an appointment for themselves or a dependent will need the employee’s TUID number for verification of eligibility.
updated: 07/16/2015
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