Fidelio BUE Dental Summary


Fidelio Dental is offered to BUE employees. There is no charge for basic benefits which are performed by a general participating dentist.  Some procedures will require out of pocket expenses, but will be at lower than normal rates.  Any work or payment by the employee will be discussed at the time of the initial visit.

Treatment must be received by participating providers listed in the brochure.


Basic Benefits, no charge to employee, spouse or dependent for:

    • Initial and Periodic Oral Examinations

    • X-rays

    • Oral Prophylaxis, including cleaning, scaling and curettage

    • Treatment Planning

    • Preventive Dentistry

    • Emergency Treatment

    • Amalgam and Synthetic Fillings

    • Root Canal Therapy

    • Simple Extractions

    • Consultations with: Oral Surgeon, Periodontist, Orthodontist

The following Dental Services are available at reduced cost:

    • Periodontics

    • Orthodontic

To contact Fidelio Dental customer service, call 215-885-2443

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