Short Term Disability

Non-bargaining employees

Non-bargaining employees are eligible for a voluntary administrative short term disability (STD) plan. Since the employee pays the full cost of this insurance (the current monthly rate is $24.75) on an after tax basis, the disability benefits are not subject to Federal income tax. This plan provides income replacement at 60% of your base salary. These benefits commence after a 4 week or 28 day waiting period and after you have exhausted any unused paid sick time. If you elect STD coverage within 31 days of your date of hire, there is no requirement to produce medical evidence of insurability. If you are past this eligibility period and wish to enroll, you need to complete a Medical Evidence of Insurability application. For the application and other related questions, please contact Kristen McHenry in the Benefits office.

Collective Bargaining Employees

Employees represented by a collective bargaining unit are covered under a non-contributory STD plan. This plan is 100% employer sponsored and employees do not pay a monthly premium for this benefit. These disability benefits commence on the first day you are unable to work due to a covered accident or on the eighth day you are unable to work due to a covered sickness. You must exhaust your available sick paid sick time before you can receive disability income replacement. Please refer to your benefit synopsis for information on income replacement amounts.

For information on applying for a leave of absence (which you will need to do prior to initiating a disability claim), please click here.

updated: 09/14/2016
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