Long-Term Disability
Long term disability (LTD) benefits provide a level of income replacement, as well as continued benefit plan coverage, after six months of an inability to work. Eligible employees share the cost of this insurance with the University, with employees paying 50% of the cost. Non-bargaining employees and law faculty may elect supplemental LTD disability coverage with the employee paying 100% of the cost.
If you elect LTD coverage within 31 days of your date of hire, there is no requirement to produce medical evidence of insurability. If you are past this eligibility period and wish to enroll, you need to complete a Medical Evidence of Insurability application. For the application and other related questions, please contact Kristen McHenry in the Benefits office.
The LTD benefit provided varies, depending on the job classification and/or any applicable collective bargaining agreement in effect. Please refer to your benefit synopsis for more details.
updated: 09/14/2016
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