Nutritional Counseling Sessions
Family Food, LLC a participating Blue Cross provider

To schedule an appointment or register online, go to

Main Campus

Howard Gittis Student Ctr.

Room TBD

Month Date
January 2019 24, 29, 31
Feburary 2019 12, 14, 18
March 2019 7, 12, 28
April 2019 4,18, 30
May 2019 9,16, 30

Health Sci. Center Campus
Student Faculty Ctr., Room B

Month Date
January 2019 15
March 2019 19
May 2019 14

Ambler Campus

Widener Hall, Room 220

Month Date
Coming Soon  


2450 W. Hunting Park Ave.

1st Flr. Conference Rm. 1A

Month Date
January 2019 10
March 2019 14
May 2019 9
Schedule an appointment on-line with Family Food Instructions
To schedule an appointment on-line, visit

- For Instruction on creating an on-line account, click here.

- For Instruction how to schedule on-line, click here.
Find Blue Cross participating Providers

If the scheduled times are not convenient for you, you can schedule an appointment with an IBC participating
provider. For details of this benefit and to find provides, click here.

Schedule an in-home session through Family Food, LLC
Or you can schedule an in-home session through Family Food, LLC by contacting them directly at 800-203-8657.     
updated: 01/14/2019
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