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Curriculum Vitae
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David Waldstreicher

18th-19th-Century U.S., Political, Slavery and Antislavery

David Waldstreicher is a historian of early and 19th century America. His research interests include political history, cultural history, slavery and antislavery, and print culture. His books include In the Midst of Perpetual Fetes: The Making of American Nationalism, 1776-1820 (1997); Runaway America: Benjamin Franklin, Slavery and the American Revolution (2004); and Slavery's Constitution: From Revolution to Ratification (2009). He is Co-Editor (with Kathleen M. Brown and Daniel K. Richter), of the McNeil Center for Early American Studies' book series, Early American Studies (University of Pennsylvania Press), and serves on the editorial boards of Reviews in American History, Journal of the Early Republicand Common-place: The Interactive Journal of Early American Life, 2003-present. He is also currently editor of the Temple University Faculty Herald.