Requirements for the History Major [pdf]

The history major consists of a step approach. Courses numbered 0800 through 1999 are introductory level; courses numbered 2000-2999 are intermediate level, and courses numbered 3000–4999 are advanced level. Courses with “9" as a second digit are honors courses and are usually restricted to honors students.

The history major requires twelve courses (36 credits). Students must take two introductory level courses, of which one is selected from courses numbered 0800–1099 and one from courses numbered 1100–1999. Three courses (9 credits) are required at the 2000 level. Four courses are required at the 3000 level, of which one must be a writing intensive course (ending in -96, -97, or -98), which students should take during the junior year. The 3000-level writing course is a prerequisite for the required 4000-level capstone writing seminar (ending in -96, -97, or -98). The 4000-level capstone class should be taken during the senior year. Finally, students may select two history courses (6 credits) at any level.

Within these broad requirements, students must complete a minimum of two courses in US history, two courses in European history, and three courses in Asian, African, Latin American or Global/Comparative history.

Two of the courses in any category or level must be predominantly pre-1900 in content.

Students should take four courses that represent an area of concentration based on some geographic or thematic intellectual rationale. The area of concentration should be defined in writing and approved by a departmental advisor ideally at the start of the junior year and no later than the start of the senior year.


Distinction in Major

Students must successfully complete a sequence of History 4034: Historiography and Research Methods, and the History Honors Capstone. The end product of the History Honors Capstone is an Honors Senior Thesis to be presented in a public forum. Students must continue to maintain a 3.5 GPA in all history courses and a 3.3 GPA in Temple courses overall.

History Honors Program

If you want to join the History Honors program, click here, or contact Professor Jay Lockenour, Director of the History Honors Program, at

Requirements for the History Minor [pdf]

A History minor is an ideal complement to other majors and programs at Temple, from medicine to journalism, from computer science to finance, from film to marketing. Students with a minor in history are required to take six (6) courses totaling eighteen (18) semester hours. Of the six courses, at least two (2) must be numbered 2000 or above and at least one course (1) must be numbered 3000 or above.