Teach-Ins Fall 2002

The first full semester of the teach-ins were mostly led by students who did research and reported on such various topics as:

  • The background of each member of the Bush Cabinet
  • The Patriot Act
  • Comparing the Iraq War Resolution to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
  • What is Patriotism
  • What Makes a Protest Effective
  • The School of the Americas
  • Army Recruitment Commercials

By November the teach-ins had grown from 20 to 40 students and were moved from the seminar room to the history department lounge to accommodate the growing audience.


First Teach-in

Do you have something to say?


Where were you on October 26, 2002?


Recognize Anyone?

Foreign Policy

Confused about our Foreign Policy?

National Security Strategy 2

So, why are we treating Korea and Iraq so differently?

National Security Strategy

The National Security Strategy


Schmidt 1


Early teach-in