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Martin L. Levitt

Public, Military, Technology

I am primarily interested in reaching those graduate students who have an aptitude for the process of history, but who are seeking an alternative to the traditional, teaching-and-research career path. The graduate degree in history is not just for professors and other teachers, but is a means to employment in a career such as archivist, curator, museum professional, historical site interpreter, or historical editor. Archivists, for example, break the path of scholarship for professional historians, by selecting those documents and other records to be retained for historical analysis. The primary sources of history, upon which historical interpretation rests, were inevitably selected and preserved by archivists. To arrange, appraise, describe, preserve, and provide access to our documentary legacy, in this information age, is an intellectually challenging and noble pursuit. I aspire to give my students the opportunity to participate in making history.

Syllabus: Hist 8153 Archives and Manuscripts

Syllabus: Hist 9153 Research in Archives and Manuscripts

Syllabus: History 9187

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