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American History

  • Beth Bailey (PhD Chicago 1986) - U.S. Gender and Sexuality, 20th-century U.S. Cultural/Social, War and American Culture
  • Lila Berman (PhD Yale 2004) - American Religious History and Modern Jewish History; Director, Feinstein Center for American Jewish History
  • Seth C. Bruggeman (PhD College of William & Mary 2006) - Memory, Material Culture, Public History
  • Bettye Collier-Thomas (PhD George Washington 1974) - 19th and 20th Century African American, U.S. Social and Cultural History, Women and Religion
  • David Farber (PhD Chicago 1985) - 20th-Century U.S.
  • Petra Goedde (PhD Northwestern 1995) - 20th-Century U.S., Foreign Relations, Gender
  • Richard H. Immerman (PhD Boston College 1978) - U.S. Foreign Policy, Grand Strategy, 20th-Century U.S.
  • Andrew Isenberg(PhD Northwestern 1993) - American Environmental, American West, 19th-Century U.S.
  • Wilbert L. Jenkins (PhD Michigan State 1989) - African American
  • Kenneth L. Kusmer (PhD Chicago 1980) - U.S. Social, Race and Ethnicity, Recent America, Media and Society
  • Hilary Iris Lowe (PhD Kansas 2010) - U.S.Literary and Cultural History, Public History
  • Bryant Simon (PhD North Carolina 1992) - 20th-Century U.S., Urban, Popular Culture
  • Heather Thompson (PhD Princeton 1995) - Post-1945 urban and labor history, justice policy, postwar crime and punishment, Black Power, 1960s and 70s radicalism
  • Gregory J. W. Urwin (PhD Notre Dame 1984) - U.S. Military, Civil War, World War II
  • David Waldstreicher (PhD Yale 1994) - 18th-19th-Century U.S., Political, Slavery and Antislavery
  • David Harrington Watt (PhD Harvard 1987) - U.S. Cultural, U.S. Religious, 20th-Century U.S.
  • Jonathan Wells (PhD University of Michigan 1998) - American South, Nineteenth-century America, gender, class, intellectual culture
  • Ralph F. Young (PhD Michigan State 1971) - Dissent in America, 20th-Century Social/Cultural, Civil Rights
European History

African, Asian, and Latin American History

  • Peter Gran (PhD Chicago 1974) - Middle East, Comparative and Political Economy
  • Harvey Neptune (PhD New York 2002) - Transnational, African Diaspora, Modern Latin America
  • Nguyen Thi Dieu (PhD Aix-en-Provence 1986) - Southeast Asia
  • Sophie Quinn-Judge (PhD School of Oriental and African Studies, London) - Vietnamese Philosophy, Culture & Society
  • Monica Ricketts (PhD Harvard) - Spanish Empire, European Imperialism, Colonial Latin America
  • Howard Spodek (PhD Chicago 1972) - South Asia, Urban
  • Benjamin Talton (PhD Chicago 2003) - Modern Africa; Imperialism and Resistance; African Diaspora
  • Teshale Tibebu (PhD SUNY Binghamton 1989) - African History; Comparative History; Third World History
  • Kathleen Uno (PhD California, Berkeley 1987) - Japan, Asia; Social, Comparative; Asian America

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