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Curriculum Vitae
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Kathleen Biddick

Medieval Europe, Gender, Historiography and Historical Methods

Kathleen Biddick (Professor) is co-founder of the Temple Premodern Studies Colloquium and former Director of the History Honors Program. She is deeply committed to working with students to develop their writing tools for critical argumentation (whatever the course). “Write On” is her pedagogical motto.
She has authored books in the fields of medieval studies, critical historiography, and theory: The Other Economy; The Shock of Medievalism; The Typological Imaginary: Circumcision, Technology and History. She has been the recipient of numerous fellowships: Fulbright Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Stanford Humanities Center, Dartmouth Humanities Center, National Science Foundation and the American Council of Learned Societies Curriculum Development Award.

Her current book project, Dead Neighbors Archive, delves into the return of the miracle in contemporary theories of sovereignty and discusses its importance for medieval scholars. She traces the links between the discourse of the most powerful abbey of twelfth-century Christendom, Cluny in Burgundy, which defined miracle-making in terms of its declared enemies, Jews and Muslim, and the theoretical writings of Walter Benjamin, Giorgio Agamben and Eric Santner. The project argues that these medieval dead neighbors of Cluny remain undead and driven in the drive of contemporary theory, until their archive is recognized and embraced.