volume 38, number 2
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald


Faculty Senate Steering Committee 2007–2008

President, Robert Aiken, College of Science and Technology 

Vice-President, Karen Turner, School of Communication and Theater

Secretary, Paul Lafollette, College of Science and Technology            


Collegial Representatives:


Bonnie Averbach, Fox School of Business and Management

David Baron, School of Medicine

Ann Barr, College of Health Professions

Zdenka Delalic, College of Engineering

Judith Goode, College of Liberal Arts

Sally Harrison,Tyler School of Art

Pauline Hurley-Kurtz, Ambler College

Luke Kahlich, Boyer College of Music and Dance 

Diane Maleson, Law School

Lois Millner, School of Social Administration

Ira Shapiro, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Joan Shapiro, College of Education

Roy Stevens, Kornberg School of Dentistry

Faculty Senate Editorial Board 2007–2008

Editor, Lewis Gordon, College of Liberal Arts

Assistant, Joan Jasak

Chair, Frank Friedman, College of Science and Technology

Jo-Anna Moore, Tyler School of Art

William Woodward, School of Law

Stephen Zelnick, College of Liberal Arts

Linn Washington, School of Communications and Theater