volume 38, number 4
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald


Representative Faculty Senate, February 25, 2008

1. Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 1:50 PM by President Aiken.

2. Lisa Listens:
The Provost reported on the progress made in the academic planning process. Roughly 60 faculty came to last Friday's open house to give input to the various planning committees. The workgroups should be finishing their work this week and make succinct reports to the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee's report should be finished by the end of May.

Planning for the 2010 Middle States visit is underway. We will need many volunteers in the near future to help with the work.

The search for a new dean of the Law School is progressing. A small group of candidates will be making on campus visits in April.

The search committee for a dean of the Dental School has begun working.
CATA has been asked for nominees to serve on the search for a new dean of SSA.

CATA has provided names for the advisory committee to help select a Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Affairs.

There were 80 proposals for seed grants and 19 were funded. The Provost was impressed with the quality of the proposals and also by the values that the proposals expressed especially with regard to service to the community.

Ten additional applications for study leaves were received. The process of deciding about them is nearly complete.

The Provost is beginning to develop new guidelines for the titles, hiring, and promotion of NTT faculty.

The committee which is currently evaluating the CATES will soon be finished and its report will be given to the Faculty Senate Steering Committee.
Carolyn Adams (CLA) said that she was pleased to see Temple taking seriously proposals for interdisciplinary projects.

Scott Gratson (SCT) asked for more details about the proposed changes for NTT's. The provost answered that she is looking at professional tracks, tracks that can lead to promotion and titles that are descriptive of what the faculty member is actually doing.

Bernie Newman (SSA) thanked the Provost for her promptness in starting the search for a dean of SSA.

Luke Kahlich (BCMD) asked what the Provost's vision was for the new Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Affairs. The Provost answered that in addition to the tasks traditionally handled by this office, she wants this person to provide guidance, leadership, and mentoring faculty throughout their careers at Temple. She also believes this should be a person to whom faculty can go for guidance and help if necessary.

3. Approval of Minutes:
Korsh (CST) noted that although President Aiken had agreed to leave President Hart's comments off the record, we had not agreed to keep the subsequent discussion by the Senate out of the minutes. He made a motion which was seconded that the details of the discussion be added to the minutes of last meeting.

The Secretary (LaFollette) said that he had prepared a record of the discussion but that he felt it was the responsibility of the Senate itself to decide whether it should be included in the minutes. This was followed by substantial discussion. It was finally proposed that the summary of the discussion be given to the Steering Committee and that the Steering Committee should provide a recommendation at the next meeting as to whether to include that summary in the minutes.

A motion was made William Aaronson (FSBM) and seconded to immediately table Korsh’s motion. The motion to table passed 29 to 4 with 2 abstentions.

A motion was then made to approve the minutes as distributed. This motion passed 29 to 3 with 3 abstentions.

4. President's Report (Aiken):
CATA has been working diligently under Tony Ranere to provide nominations for various search committees.

The Senate office continues to take shape. The new Senate web page remains under development.

President Hart has had another of her informal receptions for faculty and plans for one or two more this spring.

The Steering Committee has brought forth a new motion for changing by-laws to allow NTT membership in the Senate. (Distributed separately and to be included with these minutes when they are posted on the website.) In order to get as much faculty input as possible, we plan to treat today's distribution as a first reading. Next meeting we will have further discussion and then it will be presented to the full Senate for electronic voting.

The ensuing discussion centered around the following points:

• Should there be a 3 year waiting period before NTT's become Senate members.
• Should the entire motion be voted on at once, or broken into pieces for separate votes.
• Should librarians be included?
• Is the inclusion of NTT's in the Senate a threat to tenure?

The Steering Committee will discuss these points at its next meetings.

5. Vice President's Report (Sent by Karen Turner who is unable to be present)
The deadline for sending nominations for Senate offices and elected committees has been extended to this Friday.

6. Old Business:

7. New Business:

8. Adjournment:
The meeting was adjourned at 3:08 PM.

Paul S. LaFollette, Jr.

Representative Faculty Senate, January 24, 2008

1. Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 1:50 PM by President Aiken.

2. President Hart's Presentation:
President Hart discussed the events surrounding the recent loss of funding for the endowed chair in Islamic Studies. This was followed by a lively discussion which centered on the following questions:

1) What is Temple's policy with regard to faculty involvement in decisions to create named chairs?
2) Was the process followed sufficiently transparent?
3) Was there undue consideration of the opinions of groups known to be hostile to academic freedom?

President Hart responded to each of these questions.

Karen Turner (SCT) asked for an update on the status for a new Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Development. Aiken replied that CATA and the Provost will be meeting to work on this.

Hart added that the searches for the Dental and Law schools have begun.

3. President Aiken's Report:
Terry Dolan (Tyler) will be leaving the FSSC while she is acting Dean at Tyler. Tyler will find a replacement for her.

Judy Goode (CLA) will be temporarily replaced on the FSSC by Margaret Devinney.

4. Academic Planning Project:
Joan Shapiro made a report about the status of the academic planning project. Various workgroups are in various stages of work. In addition to the nine workgroups, there are three threads which all workgroups are supposed to consider – technology, ethics, and diversity. Each of these has its own Thread Leader, Aiken for technology, Joan Shapiro for ethics, and Roland Williams for diversity.

5. Approval of Minutes:
The minutes from the previous meeting were approved as distributed.

6. Vice President's Report (Turner):
The nominating committee for the upcoming senate elections will be chaired by vice-president Turner, and will consist of Turner, Joan Shapiro, and Bernie Newman. The following schedule is planned:

1/28/09- Nominating Committee chair sends email to Collegial chairs soliciting nominations to committees and all elected offices
2/14/08- Responses due (statements of interest and bios/CVs) from Collegial chairs regarding nominations to committees and all elected offices
2/26/08- Nominating committee report/presentation of slate to the FSSC
3/4/08- Email slate of officers and elected committees to faculty
3/18/08 - Slate of officers and elected committees officially presented to the Representatives Senate. Properly executed nominating petitions accepted from Senate floor.
3/31/08 - Send out ballot electronically
4/11/08 - Electronic election ends
4/16/08 - Announce results to the University Faculty

Angel (Law) asked whether the nominating committee would control who could be nominated.

Turner responded that the nominating committee would only make sure that nominees are properly nominated and meet the criteria for the positions they are nominated for.

7. Old Business:

8. New Business:

Paul S. LaFollette, Jr.