volume 38, number 3
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald


University Faculty Senate, December 7, 2007

1. Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 1:50 PM.


2. Announcements:

President Aiken announced that the Ann Barr, the representative from CHP to the Faculty Senate Steering Committee is leaving Temple. He wished her well and thanked her for her service on the Steering Committee.


Past President of the Senate Jane Evans will be on study leave in the spring semester.


3. Approval of Minutes:

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as submitted.


4. Provost Lisa Listens:

The provost reported on four items: strategic planning, the new seed grant initiative, changes to the study leave procedure, and GenEd.


The strategic planning process is proceeding as planned.  The Steering Committee first met on September 27.  On October 16 and 17, round table discussions were held.  We now have nine working groups consisting of 54 faculty, 16 deans, 8 officers and 20 administrators.  The workgroups are:


  • Developing Academic Community
  • Strengthening Interactions for Research & Education
  • Temple as a Destination Campus
  • Globalizing Temple
  • Building Entrepreneurial Culture
  • Enabling Temple as an Urban Serving University
  • Defining Temple Student Profiles
  • Strengthening the Environment for Student Success
  • Enabling the Bureaucracy to Serve the University Mission


These workgroups will meet weekly in January and February.  Their first reports will be due March 1. These will be followed by roundtable discussions in the beginning of May with a final report due at the end of May.


The Seed Grant Initiative has begun and already has two proposals.


The process of evaluating study leave proposals will be run by faculty this year.  There are available 62 study leaves, 24 summer projects, and 19 grants-in-aid.  A new appeals committee and process has been established.  This committee will be chaired by Diane Maleson.


In GenEd, we now have 100 new courses approved.  We are on schedule for implementation in fall '08.


Scott Gratson (SCT) asked why nearly all of the 9 working groups for the strategic planning process are headed by deans or administrators.  Answer: All are chaired by members of the steering committee.


5. Invited Guests:

Bill Bergman, Vice-President of Operations, reported on two issues.  The Athletics Department is going through its second certification

process. The preceding one was ten years ago.  Among other things, the certifying agencies are looking at how universities treat their student athletes and whether they are providing appropriate services to student athletes.


He also discussed a number of positive changes that have taken place in our emergency management plans following the experience at Virginia Tech.  We now have the ability to send text, phone, and email messages nearly instantaneously.  We are still learning how to best use this technology.  


Theresa Powell, Vice-President, Student Affairs gave an impressive presentation about the initiatives that Student Affairs has undertaken to identify and deal with problems students may have.  There is a new committee designed to help identify problems and maintain communication among the various Temple organizations which need this information.  All of this must be done within the context of maintaining students' rights to privacy.


There followed some discussion and questions from faculty about how we could best be helpful in this process.


6. President's Report (Aiken):

The leadership of the Senate now has access to a LISTSERV which includes the names of non-tenure track faculty.


The renovations of the senate office continue.  The office will be closed next week for a couple of days for final renovations.


The nature and uses of the CATES will be reviewed during the spring semester.


President Hart's informal faculty receptions will continue this year.


Redesign of the Faculty Senate website is continuing.


7. Vice President's Report (Turner):

She has sent emails to all committee chairs asking for an end-of-semester report.  She plans to review all senate committees to make it clear what the rules of membership are and ought to be.  She asks that we give her feedback about the evolving website.


8. Old Business:



9. New Business:



10. Adjournment:

The meeting was adjourned at 2:55 PM


Paul S. LaFollette, Jr.