volume 44, number 5
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald


For Lewis Katz


Lewis Katz, '63, '14

Temple Trustee



On behalf of the Temple Faculty, the Faculty Senate Steering Committee extends its deepest condolences to the family of Lewis Katz, B.S. `63, L.H.D. `14, long-time member of Temple’s Board of Trustees, and extraordinarily generous benefactor of Temple University. The example Mr. Katz set as an alumnus of Temple University embodies the Conwellian Mission we hold dear. From humble roots, he put his Temple education to the best use imaginable, not only as a remarkably-skilled litigator, entrepreneur, and investor but also as a philanthropist, dedicated to using his wealth, his expertise, and his time to making both the cities where he lived and the world a better place. He has left his mark on countless charities and institutions, not least of which is Temple. He was also a real friend to many faculty and helped out many students in need of support, financial and otherwise. We are proud to call him an alumnus and trustee of Temple and, like every member of the Temple community, deeply mourn his passing.