volume 38, number 2
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald


The November 2 Dissent in America Teach In


Friday, November 2nd, 3:30 PM

Gladfelter 914 (Weigley Room)

An unfettered exchange of ideas is vital to learning and democracy. That is why academic freedom for all faculty members—including those without tenure—must be protected.

Jane Evans, Chair, Art History

Joan Wallach Scott, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

Art Hochner, President of TAUP

Linn Washington, Journalism

Ralph Young, History

Carol Jenkins, adjunct, Political Science

Maureen Whitsett, senior History major

All are invited to a reception following the forum.

Sponsored by the AFT, TAUP, the Department of History, the Faculty Senate Lectures and Forums Committee & endorsed by Faculty Senate Steering Committee

An activity of Campus Equity Week


The Musser Award for Excellence in Leadership honors outstanding achievement and service by a distinguished member of the business community.

It is the highest honor Temple University’s Fox School affords and recognizes the ideal of leadership as exceptional individual accomplishments that also benefit the larger community.

It promotes the ethic, personified by the Award’s inaugural recipient Warren V. (Pete) Musser, that exceptional achievement by those seeking business success and exceptional effort on behalf of the community are compatible, mutually supportive goals.

Pete Musser has combined entrepreneurial spirit with a collaborative style based on investment in people and creative ideas. As founder of Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. in 1953 and as its leader for nearly four decades, he formed numerous technology-oriented companies that helped create the Greater Philadelphia region’s reputation for technological innovation.

He has supported and led many community and charitable causes, including the Safeguard Scientifics Center for Economic Education at Temple. The Center brings business, economic and entrepreneurial education to K-12 teachers and students throughout the region and the state.

In addition to community leaders, the following faculty will be honored at the 11th annual dinner in celebration of the recipients, which will be held on November 15, 2007, at 5:30 PM till 9:00 PM in the Great Court at Mitten Hall:

Teaching: John R. Deckop, Fox School associate professor of human resource management, is an award-winning and dedicated teacher, who has been teaching human resource management and ethics for more than 20 years.

Research: Steven Balsam, Fox School professor of accounting and Merves Research Fellow, has published many research articles in prestigious academic journals, such as The Accounting Review and Contemporary Accounting Research and he wrote the only book to combine practice and theory, “An Introduction to Executive Compensation.”

Faculty service: John G. Soss, finance lecturer and director of Fox’s Financial Engineering program (MSFE), conceptualized, planned and implemented the Fox School’s new Master’s in Financial Engineering (MSFE) program, with an inaugural class of 25 MSFE scholars.

Click here for more information on this year’s winners.

These faculty members and their colleagues at The Fox School of Business and the rest of us at Temple have much to celebrate this year as the following announcement of the school’s ranking attests.