volume 38, number 4
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald


From the Editor

—Lewis R. Gordon, Faculty Herald Editor

This issue of The Temple Faculty Herald focuses on innovative courses and international programs.  As well, the previous issue stimulated letters to the editor regarding our coverage of the withdrawal of the Institute for Islamic Thought’s offer to fund the Ismail al-Faruqi Chair in Islamic Thought and the subsequent harassment of Professor Ayoub initiated by some right-wing interest groups.  Some of those letters appear below by permission of the authors.

We prioritized letters that were other than praise of our coverage, although those letters of encouragement were much appreciated. 

We hope that readers continue to voice their opinions on that and subsequent issues of the Herald. Please as well specify whether you would like us to include your letter in our “Letters to the Editor” section.

Letters to the Editor

Roberta Sloan, School of Communications and Theater

Although I fully support your goal of highlighting faculty opinion on controversial issues in the Faculty Herald, I was disappointed in the last Faculty Herald issue published....
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Susana M. Sotillo, Temple Alumna, Associate Professor of Linguistics, Montclair State University

One of my fondest memories while studying Religions of the World at Temple University in the early 1970s was of the lively discussions among students in Dr. Ismail Raji al-Faruqi’s class....
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Frank L. Friedman, College of Science and Technology

There is a growing concern among many American Jews about the often closed-door activities of other American Jews who, in almost all matters related to power and politics, believe that Israel’s interests, and those of its citizens, far transcend those of the United States and its citizens....
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