volume 38, number 1
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald

A Tribute To Jane Evans

The Temple Faculty Herald asked some of Jane Evans’s colleagues on the Faculty Senate Steering Committee to express their opinion on her tenure as President.   Here is what they wrote:

Robert M. Aiken,
Computer and Information Sciences and President of the Faculty Senate

Jane has served 2 ½ years as President of the Temple University Faculty Senate. To the best of my knowledge this is the longest tenure of anyone who has held this position.  However, the length of service is not nearly as important as what was accomplished during her terms of office and the manner in which they were achieved. 

Under sometimes difficult situations and faced with contentious issues she always responded and led with grace and dignity.  Her humor often diffused what could have been tense situations.  Her insights and perspective led us “out of the forest” onto productive paths. As a member of the Steering Committee I usually agreed with her but even when we disagreed I understood her points and appreciated the care and thought she had given to the issue(s).

This past year has been a particularly eventful and successful one as through her leadership we have formed strong links with the administration and other constituencies on the main, as well as, satellite campuses.  A number of important policies have been re-examined and changed in the light of student and faculty concerns.  Faculty have been brought into university decision-making as equal partners on Academic issues. Simply put  … Thanks, Jane! And I look forward to working with you in your role as the Past-President.

Judith Goode,

Talk about timing! The Faculty Senate was extraordinarily lucky that Jane was in the Vice President’s seat two and a half years ago.  Reluctantly forced to take over the leadership of the Senate, Jane was indeed the perfect person for the job. While I did not come on board as the CLA representative to the FSSC until her second year in office, I could see an amazing spirit of camaraderie when I joined.  Jane ran an FSSC in which transparency and information sharing (and therefore trust) was paramount. Jane has a wicked sense of humor, which carried her through hard times, and she was unflappable. She made it her mission to listen and to try to understand everyone’s point of view. But more than anything, it was her energy that served us so well.


She kept abreast of all the central committee work that was going on. She tirelessly attended every critical meeting with administrators, TAUP, GEEC, Board meeting and every lobbying effort. She, along with other faculty, represented us so well on the Presidential search committee. She wrote drafts of all the FSSC position papers and then graciously welcomed revisions and comments. In addition to all of this, I was absolutely bowled over by the following demonstration of her commitment to leadership. Last summer, Jane, as was her custom, engaged in her archeologically based fieldwork in Europe searching for those Roman coins. Yet she managed to stay on top of the critical transitional events taking place on campus. Jane has now left us after having led us through a critical turning point at Temple and I wish her a well-earned restful and productive respite. Rest on your laurels, Jane.

Pauline Hurley-Kurtz,
Ambler College,
FSSC representative 2006-09

Dr. Evans provided strong democratic leadership in the Temple University Faculty Senate. She has an inclusive style, is an astute listener and has a lively sense of humor all of which, in addition to her hard work, contributed to her success as President of the Faculty Senate for the last two years.  Dr. Evans was committed first of all to the unification of our faculty and supported the inclusion of NTT faculty in the Faculty Senate. She also advocated stronger ties between “old” and “new” Temple University faculty. Dr. Evans established excellent and productive working relationships with President Ann Hart and Acting Provost Dick Englert. She worked to build bridges and improve dialogue between the faculty and administration and regularly invited key administrators to Faculty Senate and Faculty Senate Steering Committee meetings. 

The Faculty Senate and its committees accomplished much under Dr. Evans’s leadership. This past academic year alone, she led faculty representation on revisions to P&T Guidelines, policies for Office Hours and Syllabi, Merit Guidelines, TU Faculty Handbook and Gen Ed. Dr. Evans also exhorted her fellow faculty to recommit to service as an important contribution to the vitality of the university and community at large.


Dr. Evans is an accomplished teacher and archaeologist. This summer was her tenth year of field work with graduate and undergraduate students on her excavation—currently a site in Javols, France. We wish her well in her research and thank her for her generous and exemplary service to Temple University as Faculty Senate President.

Bonnie Averbach,
Fox School of Business and Management Representative

January 18, 2005:  The Faculty Senate Steering Committee unanimously selected Dr. Jane Evans (Tyler-Art History) as President of the Faculty Senate.  This was the beginning of a new era for the Faculty Senate and for Temple.


Jane led us through trying times, when faculty governance was denigrated. Recently, in exhilarating times, she has led us in the revival of faculty governance. She has always included all members of the Steering Committee in making decisions on policies, which were then presented to the faculty at Senate meetings, for discussion, possible changes and finally a vote.


Jane, extremely bright and capable with a warm sparkling personality has had a working relationship with the past administration and a warm relationship with the new administration. 

   Under Jane’s leadership much has been accomplished.  Some of these accomplishments are: 


  • The faculty is now involved in curriculum decisions
  • Tenure and Promotion guidelines have been changed
  • Merit guidelines are in the process of being changed
  • The Faculty Handbook has been updated and the guidelines of the Gen Ed program have been revised for the benefit of students as well as faculty teaching Gen Ed classes. 
  • In addition, Jane was able to recruit Lewis Ricardo Gordon to be Editor of The Faculty Herald, a valuable member of our committee.


Jane has invited administrators and program directors to speak at meetings, so that the faculty can be aware of programs (weekend activities for dorm students and academic advising for athletes, for example) that exist in the University.   

Besides having a full teaching load, Jane has also been serving on important committees:  EPPC, the Faculty Handbook Revision Committee, and the Presidential Search Committee, among others, and has also has been instrumental in working to ease the transition for our new president, Ann Weaver Hart. 

With all of her activities, Jane has just had a book published: Caesarea Maritima: The Coins and the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Economy of Palestine.

In addition, Jane has taken groups of students on archeological digs to many countries during summer breaks.  This summer, she took a group to France.

We hope you had a great time in France.  Thank you, Jane.