volume 37, number 1
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald

A Point of Clarification

—Jo-Anna J. Moore, Chair, Art and Art Education Department, Tyler School of Art

At the January 25 Faculty Senate meeting, it was a pleasure to hear President Ann Weaver Hart’s beautifully-illustrated presentation on the Arts at Temple, with special attention to the upcoming building project for Tyler School of Art. It was also gratifying to hear the kind comments of Temple faculty who spoke of their happy anticipation about the upcoming move from Elkins Park. A little clarification may be useful in light of some comments for those who may not know. There are already three departments of Tyler School of Art at Temple’s Main Campus, and they offer eight of the ten Tyler degrees. These three departments have over 700 majors and teach studio art, art education, art history, and architecture courses to thousands of Temple non-art majors. Annually we host exhibitions and lectures for the entire Temple community. We too look forward to welcoming the Tyler BFA and MFA programs to expand the arts presence here on Main Campus. These students and faculty will join a thriving arts community already present throughout the Temple campus.