volume 38, number 1
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald

From the Editor

—Lewis R. Gordon

Lewis Gordon, Editor

Temple continues to move forward.  The Faculty Senate, now under the leadership of Robert M. Aiken, continues to build a positive relationship between the faculty and the administration as the university expands its international profile without abandoning its heritage as a Philadelphia institution.  This collegial atmosphere should facilitate the achievement of the many goals articulated in President Anne Weaver Hart’s inaugural address last spring and those developed by the senate over the past two years.


President Anne Weaver Hart and Provost Lisa Staiano-Coico have voiced a commitment to attracting the best of the next generation of scholars.   They have also stressed the importance of recognizing the talented faculty already here and the importance of using their creativity for curricula innovation and fiscal development.


This issue of The Temple Faculty Herald highlights some of these aims through featuring an editorial from Jane Evans, who served as President of the Faculty Senate from January 2005 until July 2007, and a surprise set of editorial reflections on her presidency. 


This issue also introduces the new Dean of the College of Liberal Arts (CLA), Dr. Teresa Scott Soufas, who comes to Temple from Tulane University, where she was Dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professor of Spanish.  More information on Dean Soufas’s extraordinary achievements can be found at Temple’s News Communications.


Curricula innovation by our creative faculty is a major goal of the General Education Program (“Gen Ed”).  A much-discussed project at Temple, it is designed to enrich undergraduate education by drawing on the intellectual resources across the entire university. Gen Ed has been a subject of much healthy debate for the past three years.   An update of the program is one of the highlights of this issue.


Finally, we would like to wish everyone an intellectually stimulating, productive, and physically safe academic year.   The previous one included shocking outbreaks of violence at several campuses, with the shootings at Virginia Tech taking the greatest toll.  The new academic year has begun with attacks at Delaware State University.  Let us hope that this year will mark a decline, if not the end, of this violent trend.