volume 39, number 3
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald


From the Editor

—David Waldstreicher, Faculty Herald Editor

This issue of the Faculty Herald contains two letters that address the current negotiations between the administration and TAUP. Vallorie Peridier’s open letter to president Hart highlights some of the factors that make our work unique and its assessment for merit pay not as comparable to private sector corporate standards as it may at first seem. Laurence Steinberg criticizes TAUP and its new contract proposal for favoring NTT faculty and non-scholars.

It is my hope that at a time when our confidence about the future may be shakier, the Herald can serve as a forum for different perspectives on where we, as a faculty, may be headed. One of the pleasures of editing the Herald has been the excuse it has given me to meet and listen to colleagues from all over the university. I’m not sure I ever completely understood what the term “multiple intelligences” meant until I had this experience. We are a smart as well as opinionated group. We have a lot to learn from each other.  


In this spirit, we offer a profile of Law Professor David Post, whose new book combines legal scholarship, history, media studies, and human ecology. Sandra McDade describes the new Office of Sustainability and its efforts to sensitize us to what we can do to make Temple greener. Frank Friedman urges us to think about our larger goals and enter into a true process of assessment.




Letters to the Editor

2/23/2009Paul S. LaFollette, Jr., Associate Professor of Computer and Information Sciences, College of Science and Technology

"I have been reflecting over the past few days on the presentations that Temple's Provost and CFO made to the Faculty Senate last Tuesday.  I want to share my thoughts with you. I am troubled by two interconnected themes."

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2/15/2009Daniel T. O'Hara, Professor of English and First Mellon Term Professor of Humanities

"Prof. Steinberg's tone in his letter in The Faculty Herald about TAUP-AFT is not one I would choose. However, his pointed observations are right on target."

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2/17/2009Shannon Miller, Chair, Department of English

"While a number of my colleagues will respond to a range of claims in Professor Laurence Steinberg’s recent letter to the Faculty Herald, I want to strenuously object to his claim that tenure track faculty who have low salaries are “moribund” researchers"

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2/19/2009—From 50 Temple Faculty

"It is remarkable that a text as brief as Prof. Steinberg’s letter of February 9 could commit so any outrages against facts and values. Those of us who have signed this letter—who represent faculty members of every rank and many disciplines—reject Prof. Steinberg’s argument as logically flawed and ethically toxic."

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—Laurence Steinberg, Laura H. Carnell Professor of Psychology

"If there were ever any doubts about TAUP's true colors, the union's most recent proposal of a flat salary increase of $2,100 for all faculty members (rather than a proportional one) clarifies things all too well."

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Regina Bannan, Professor of English Literature, College of Liberal Arts

"I was delighted to open my email this week and to see, for the first time as an adjunct, the link for the online Faculty Herald."

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—Arvind V. Phatak, Carnell Professor of Management & International Business

"I support Professor Maurice Wright's call for a thorough investigation by the Faculty Senate of the decision to reject IIIT's offer to endow a chair of Islamic Studies in the Department of Religion."

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