volume 44, number 5
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald

The Way-Back Machine: Putting Diversity at Temple in Historical Perspective

By Steve Newman


  While there are many interesting issues of The Faculty Herald deserving of a second look, I’ve decided in this issue to reprint the second (and, unfortunately, last) issue of another publication— the African-American/African Faculty and Staff Association Newsletter. To see why, consider the ongoing conflicts over the place of faculty of color at Temple, featured here and to a lesser degree here, and the relationship between our university and the largely African American neighborhoods we are a part of. The purpose of The Wayback Machine is to put important issues facing us in historical perspective, and there is no question in my mind that the long and vexed history of racial and ethnic diversity at Temple remains central (as do the overlapping histories of gender, class, sexuality, and disability). My hope is that these articles and interviews and next year’s Symposim on Diversity, co-sponsored by the Faculty Senate, will cast light on these topics and point a way forward to a Temple where diversity is not only celebrated—as it should be—but truly honored by making sure that when we hire, teach, research, serve, and make policy, that the questions of knowledge, identity, and value raised by what we call “diversity” play a crucial role.