volume 44, number 3
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald

Helping Student Athletes Affected by the Cuts
By Justin Miller, Senior Director, Nancy & Donald Resnick Academic Support Center for Student-Athletes

A note from the Editor: I am grateful to Justin Miller for agreeing to write a brief piece on how faculty might help support athletes affected by the recent cuts; I also draw the attention of interested faculty to resources put together by Temple Student Government, which can be accessed at http://templestudentgovernment.org/.


   Student-Athletes affected by the elimination of seven programs may need additional support in and out of the classroom, and faculty can play an important role in assisting them. If you have specific concerns regarding any student-athlete, I urge you to contact me at miller@temple.edu or by phone at (215) 204-9840. Keeping your report confidential if you wish, I can then reach out to these student-athletes to remind them of the services provided by the Resnick Academic Support Center, which reports to the Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies:

- Personalized academic advising
- Tutorial support
- Peer mentoring
- Referrals to various on campus resources (Tuttleman Counseling Center, Psychological Services Center, Wellness Resource Center)

    Each staff member has a close working relationship with the student-athletes on the team(s) they are assigned to and as a result, they can serve as a great point of contact during this potentially difficult time. Thank you for all you do for all your students and especially for your student-athletes. Please let me know if you have any concerns you wish to share. •