volume 43, number 5
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald

Faculty Senate Year End Committee Reports

Report of the Faculty Senate Budget Review Committee

   During this academic year, the Committee has met a number of senior administrators in order to discuss the University’s current financial situation and explore potential solutions.
  The Governor’s budget for the next fiscal year has projected that the Commonwealth’s appropriation for the next academic year will remain at the same level as last year. That projection may change as the budget is finalized.
  The Committee has also met with senior administrators to discuss the implementation of the University’s new budgeting system.
  The Committee also met with the Faculty Senate Steering Committee in the spring semester to analyze, explain and discuss the University’s budget and the implementation of the University’s new budgeting system.
Respectfully submitted,
Rafael A. Porrata-Doria, Jr., (Beasley School of Law) Chair

The Invention and Patent Committee

  The Invention and Patent committee (IPC) has met twice thus far this academic year. Our Invention and Patent policy is central in governing rules and transactions and act in capacity to protect the Inventor as well as the University, to build a research enterprise to foster more research and provide guidance, and rules to bring forth these inventions into commercializing. The IPC committee is continuing its ongoing discussions on preparing and revising the documents related to our policy to suit these needs and demands. There are 5 important sections in our policy document. It was decided in our last year meetings to debate and discuss sections during our regular meetings and assign the modications/ommisions/addtions to be drafted by the office of technology development and commercialization (OTDC). Steve Nappi, the director of OTDC along with this associates and the university general council has done a wonderful job of making these changes and presenting these changes to the committees for further discussions and approvals. This is an ongoing process and we are meeting once again in end of May this year for securing final approvals on section 2 on ownership of a patent and continued deliberation of other sections.
Submitted by Feroze Mohammaed, (School of Medicine), Chair


The Faculty Herald Editorial Board

 The Faculty Herald Advisory Board met three times each semester with the editor and staff to discuss plans for articles and editorials for upcoming issues of the Herald and to review the past issue and reader responses. We worked closely with the staff to identify of major issues of community concern and to identify writers and interview subjects.
  The advisory board’s conversations were ably led in the fall by Frank Friedman; I hope that I will be able to provide to the current board the strong leadership, courage, and vision that were hallmarks of Frank’s tenure. The editorial staff (Steve Newman and Kime Lawson) and the board members who began their tenure in the past several years are quite excited about the new members who came on board this winter: Andrea Monroe (Beasley School of Law), Will Jordan (College of Education), Terry Halbert (Fox School of Business) and Deborah Howe (School of Environmental Design). Providing a new breadth of perspectives that the Board was seeking last year, they joined Richard Orodenker (CLA), who has since resigned, David Watt (CLA), who will be rotating off the Board, Phil Yannella (CLA), Michael Sirover (TUSM), and Gregory Urwin (CLA). Deepest thanks to all of them.
  This year we bid farewell to David Waldstreicher who provided us with excellent coverage of faculty issues at Temple and in higher education in general. Highlighting the fall issues were concerns raised over budgeting, the University’s fall advertising campaign, funding for Temple University Press, and a report on the status of Interdisciplinary Programs in the College of Liberal Arts. This spring Waldstreicher is being ably succeeded by Steve Newman whose goal is to open conversations between faculty and students, to focus on teaching and the future of higher education, and to continue to provide a forum for faculty to write about what matters to us in our careers as researchers and teachers.
  Newman began his tenure with an interview with President Theobald, the first half of which was published in the Spring’s first issue (43:3), and a powerful editorial about state funding issues. Also included in the first issue were a column by Mark Rahdert, Vice President of the Faculty Senate, that detailed a proposal for a periodic review of deans that would substantively include the faculty, a warning from Dan O’Hara on the dangers posed by Masssive Online Open Courses (MOOCs), and a note from Karen Turner on a task force investigating what can be done to protect faculty from disruptive and/or threatening students.
  The second issue included the second half of the interview with the president; an editorial on how to address the lack of trust among Temple’s stakeholders; a report by Frank Friedman and Eleanor Myers on the steps recommended by the Institutional Integrity Task Force, a column by Kime Lawson on the potential effects of the Affordable Care Act on adjuncts and Temple, and a reflection by Michael Sirover, on the past, present, and future of Temple’s Health System. It also included an experiment that Newman hopes to repeat; he and the opinions editor of the student newspaper jointly published a pair of essays addressing what faculty and students need to know about each other, along with excerpts from an ensuing conversation between Newman and four student editors.
Among the pieces in the forthcoming issue, the last of the year: the first half of an interview with Provost Dai; a commentary by Paul LaFollette on the state of undergraduate education at Temple; an exchange between Art Hochner and Arvind Parkhe and Rob Drennan on the administration’s attempt to have chairs removed from TAUP; and a column by Alix Howard and Urszula Pruchniewska advising faculty on how to work most productively with international students. The final issue will also reprint Prof. Lewis Gordon’s letter explaining why he and his wife, Prof. Jane Gordon, have resigned from Temple.
  After Volume 42 Issue 4, the number of Faculty Herald's unique readers fell slightly to an average of 356.6 per issue. Volume 43 Number 1 was our most successful issue of the year, with the peak of 440 unique readers. Overall, readership has been consistent with our established performance and seems in the most recent issue to be recovering from a downward tick since last October.
Rebecca Alpert (CLA), Faculty Herald Advisory Board chair


President's Advisory Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics

  Because of the presidential transition, the President's Advisory Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics did not meet this year.
  President Theobald decided to hold the committee in abeyance until he decides on the role he envisions for it. Faculty Representatives Erin McNa-mara Horvat and Michael Jackson will continue as non-voting faculty repre-sentatives to the Board of Trustees Athletics Committee.
Prof. Eleanor W. Myers, (Beasley School of Law)


Library Committee

  The purpose of the Library Committee is to establish a joint forum at which librarians and faculty meet. It is therefore important, on the faculty side, to have members represent as many schools and colleges as possible. For the past year, and continuing into 2013-14, we have achieved this goal: The committee now consists of 9 professors, representing 9 different schools or programs. Monthly meetings have also been attended by members of the library staff, usually four senior members and always including Carol Lang, the Interim Dean of University Libraries.
Meetings this past year have been held around such topics as the library budget, collection development, scholarly communication, the undergraduate library prizes, and others. Importantly, members of the library committee have participated in the on-site visits of the finalists for the position of the new Dean of Libraries.
   For the coming year, two topics will dominate: to help the new Dean of Libraries settle into his role, and to help in the process of designing and building a new University Library.
Dieter Forster
Professor of Physics
Chair 2012/13
2013/14 members of the Senate Library Committee (Chair to be elected):
2013 Shenid Bhayroo, SMC - Journalism
2015 Chih-Chien Chen, Tourism/Hospitality
2015 David Elesh, CLA - Sociology
2016 Dieter Forster, CST - Physics (Chair 2012/13)
2015 Robert Shuman Jr., Center for the Arts - Architecture
2016 Donna M. Snow, Center for the Arts - Theater
2015 Paul Swann, Center for the Arts - Film
2016 Elvis Wagner, College of Education - Teaching and Learning
2015 Jacqueline Volkman Wise, Fox School of Business - Risk


General Education Executive Committee (GEEC)

General Education Executive Committee
Members: Istvan Varkonyi (Chair), Julie Phillips (Co-Chair), Cynthia Folio, Rickie Sanders, Deborah Stull, Vallorie Peridier, Mary Anne Gaffney, Peshe Kuriloff, Eli Goldblatt, Thomas Wright, Jill Swavely (EPPC rep.), Michael Puppolo (grad. student), Matthew Schillizzi (Honors undergrad.), Patricia Boateng (TSG undergrad. rep.)
   Early in the fall term we were notified by the Provost’s office that the GenEd Program would indeed go through program review during the academic year 2012-13 and a self-study would need to be written. The GenEd Executive Committee (GEEC) spent the fall term working in groups drafting parts of the self-study. The GenEd Director and the Associate Director then used the winter semester break to compile the materials into a formal draft. The external review committee is being organized by the Provost’s office for an on campus visit scheduled for mid-April.
   GEEC has also been engaged with the continuation of the GenEd course re-certification process. For the current academic year roughly 35 courses are up for recertification. With the assistance of the GenEd area coordinators, GEEC will begin in late spring to review submitted course portfolios.
   Among some of the other points of discussion and areas of focus for the committee have been:
● RCM and its impact on university-wide programs, such as GenEd
● Communicating the central role of undergraduate education to university community
● Moving GenEd courses to the online learning environment


Personnel Committee

  During this academic year, the Committee has considered, held hearings on and submitted a recommendation to the President, regarding an appeal by a faculty member from a denial of tenure.
Respectfully submitted,
Rafael A. Porrata-Doria, Jr., (Beasley School of Law) Chair

Committee on Status of Women Faculty

  It was my great pleasure to become a member of the Committee on Status of Women Faculty in 2012 and serve as a Chair of the Committee on Status of Women Faculty since June 2012. On behalf of the Committee I would like to thank for a wonderful work previous Chair of the Committee, Dr. Nilgun Anadolu-Okur (African American Studies) and a previous member Dr. Armine Darbinian (Medicine) for their active participation in the Committee’s work, and their continuous support and helpful ideas. I am very proud to work with new great members whose terms on the Committee run from 2012 until 2014: Dr. Brianna S. Clark (Sport and Recreation Management), Dr. Mary Barbe (School of Medicine), Dr. Laura Katz Rizzo (Dance), and Dr. Dominique Kliger, (Distance Learning and Summer Programs).
   Current goals of the Committee are:
1. To acknowledge wonderful women at Temple University who inspire students and faculties
2. To set nomination “Woman of the Month,” to nominate monthly who is doing remarkable work every day and who inspires so many female students to achieve their goals
3. To announce monthly Committee’s news and reports on the Committee’s website
4. To collaborate with The Faculty Herald to send brief reports from monthly Committee meetings
5. To collaborate with Committees on Status of Woman from different schools and colleges, including the School of Medicine
6. To encourage senior administrators and faculties from different Departments and Schools to participate in the Committee’s work
7. To consider areas such as salaries, retirement funds and promotion policies where women are thought to be treated inequitably and to recommend changes in policies to correct inequalities where they exist
   In our previous report of the Committee on Status of Women Faculty at Temple University, on behalf of the Committee, we acknowledged three wonderful Great Teachers Award recipients who inspire so many female students to achieve their goals: 2011 Great Teachers Award winner- Dr. Joan Poliner Shapiro, and 2012 Great Teachers Award winners - Dr. Shohreh Amini and Dr. Sarah Bauerle Bass. Our congratulations for this wonderful award and to your great example and support! We asked all three recipients to answer to 10 questions, and we were happy to include a photo of the wall of the Founder's Garden inscribed with the names of Great Teachers Award recipients, followed by their thoughts and valuable suggestions, so important for our further work. Our Great Teachers report was published in The Faculty Herald Volume 43 Issue 2.

  The next nomination “Woman of the Month” will go to three women “Top Doctors”-2012: Amy Goldberg, MD, Surgery; Beth Moughan, MD, Pediatrics; Ellen M. Tedaldi, MD, Internal Medicine. Our congratulations to all thirty-two Temple University physicians who were included in Philadelphia magazine's 2012 "Top Doctors" list, although there are only 3 women among those 32 doctors. We will be very proud and happy to introduce them in our next report.
We want also to develop a tradition to present gift watches with the Temple University Symbol and the Committee on Status on Women symbol to be given to all "Woman of the Month" recipients at the end of each year at a small annual conference where we will invite all our recipients. We plan to discuss possible mechanisms of setting this type of conference, and also about dates, topics, guests and speakers.
   One of the goals of the Committee is to set a close collaboration between female faculties of Medical School and other schools within Temple, and to recruit more faculties from Medical School into Committee on Status of Women, and to organize joint meetings with the Committee on Status of Women in Medicine from Medical School, and to build bridges between Medical School and Main Campus. There are only 3 Committee Chairs from Medical School, only one female Chair (Committee on Status of Women) from Medical School. This Committee has so important goals for Temple community, as so many wonderful women work at Temple.

Nune Darbinian, PhD
Chair of the Committee on Status of Women Faculty,
Center for Neurovirology, Department of Neuroscience
Temple University School of Medicine


Student Award Selection Committee

   On behalf of the Student Award Selection Committee, I am writing to report on our activities during the 2012-2013 academic year. We met twice, once to interview candidates for Commencement Speaker and once to determine finalists for the various university-level graduation awards within our purview. The slate of candidates for Commencement Speaker was very strong this year, yet Joseph Stoney stood out to the committee as a clear front-runner. The interview process went very smoothly, the only suggestion being that next year each candidate should submit the most recent version of their speech at least 24hrs in advance so that Rosetta can copy and distribute it to the committee during the interview process in the event of any last-minute changes.
  The Memorial Awards meeting encountered a few more bumps. This was the first time the committee had used Dropbox for all the files, and organizing them could definitely be streamlined for next year. Of particular concern was the fact that students that applied for multiple awards did not always have complete files in each award folder on Dropbox, and some that were on the spreadsheet for certain awards did not have application files for them. As a result, at least one candidate was selected but was later replaced due to ineligibility. Rosetta has suggested that this will work much more smoothly next year.
   All members of the committee remarked on how much they enjoyed the process, and I am hopeful that many will choose to renew their terms.

Respectfully submitted, Dr. Edward D. Latham
Assoc. Prof. of Music Studies
Boyer College of Music and Dance Chair, Student Award Selection Committee


Committee on Administrative and Trustee Appointements (CATA)

   This past academic year has been a relatively busy one for the Committee on Administrative and Trustee Appointments. The Committee proposed faculty candidates to the Faculty Senate for six University search committees: TU President, TU Provost and four college deans. We reviewed the credentials of well over sixty highly qualified faculty that indicated their willingness to serve, making for very difficult choice situations.
   The Committee responded to the Faculty Senate's candidate requests in a timely manner, always within the deadlines set. I do not believe that that would have been possible without the great diligence and responsiveness of the Committee's members. This group performed its task more often than not within very confined time frames -- and on short notice. I was and am most impressed with their conscientiousness and fairness to all candidates.

Harold E. Klein, (FSBM) Chair


Committee on the Status of Faculty of Color (FOC)

   Our committee has always talked about reaching across the aisle and work-ing with others on campus to contribute to the visibility and access to re-sources for our faculty. Our group meets once a month to discuss issues rela-tive to faculty hiring, retention and professional development and continues to seek statistics on faculty of color (by school and college, at all ranks). The FOC committee coordinates the Chat-in-the-Stacks faculty speakers’ series in conjunction with the Temple Libraries to highlight current events and faculty achievements in research and creative work.
    This year, in addition to our continuing commitment to faculty professional development initiatives, FOC sent letters to Governor Corbett in support of Temple University and welcomed our new president Dr. Theobald.

FOC and the Temple Libraries co-sponsored the following Chats in the Stacks:
September 27, 2012 Teaching Diversity
with Tchet Dorman, Pamela Barnett and Donna Marie Peters

November 1, 2012 “Race in the Race”
Dr. David Waldstreicher, (History), Dr. Wilbert Jenkins, (History), Sophia Sanders, (Art History) and Philadelphia attorney Michael Coard along with Micah Kleit of the Temple University Press

March 28, 2013
Black Women Journalist
Commemorating the 150th birthday of Ida B Wells with Professor Karen Turner, Journalism and Meredith Broussard from the University of Pennsylvania.

April 4, 2013
On the 45th anniversary of the assassination of MLK, our theme was social movements, Why they work and Why they don’t. 99 versus the 1 Percent
Loree Jones Operation Understanding and David Organ Geography and Ur-ban Studies, Micah Kleit, Temple University Press.

FOC welcomed two new members Dr. Elizabeth Sweet (Sociology) and Latanya Jenkins (Temple Library) •