volume 44, number 1
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald

Attention All Faculty Interested in Education and Gaming

By Catherine Schifter, Associate Professor, Dept. of Psychological, Organizational, & Leadership Studies in Education

   Games are not just for playing!! A group of your peers are interested in exploring how twenty-first century game environments can be used in higher education. We want to explore how people learn through these environments as well as, perhaps, learn through creating these environments. In this group so far are Paul LaFollette (CIS), Karen M. Turner (Journalism/SMC), Jay Lockenour (CLA), Catherine Schifter (Educ), and Norm Roessler (CLA), along with several graduate students from Sociology and Communications, and Rick Moffat from Computer Services. We've been talking with several others as well, but these are the folks who have so far explicitly said they would be interested in exploring these ideas further. Last summer, Educause challenged schools and colleges to explore how games fit and influence higher education and to establish a 3-5 year plan to explore and study these issues. We propose an ad hoc committee of interested faculty to meet next academic year to explore these opportunities and draft a white paper about the future of games at Temple University. We know there are pockets of game-based activities around the University now, and we suggest these can be more productive if concerted, leading to better support, all around. If you would be interested in collaborating with your colleagues from across schools and colleges on this exciting evolving area of study, contact me, Catherine Schifter at ccs@temple.edu, or any of us named above. We look forward to working with you.  •