volume 43, number 2
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From the Editor
—By David Waldstreicher, Editor

This is my last of my twenty-two issues (!) as editor of the Faculty Herald and I have a few thank-yous that need saying:
--To Lewis Gordon, my predecessor: thanks for your vision, your example, your brilliance, and your confidence in us. We were graced by your presence. Zei gezunt.
--To Steve Newman, my successor: already running while receiving the baton, I more than suspect you will make a good thing better.
--To Aaron Sullivan and Kime Lawson, hired as assistant editors to handle technology beyond my capabilities: they proved to be excellent editors and writers who improved every issue of this publication.
--To the Faculty Herald Editorial Board and especially its chair, Frank Friedman: for wise counsel and never ducking a tough question.
--To the provosts and my dean for making it possible for me to do this job, and my department for not objecting, either.
--To the Faculty Senate Steering Committee, 2008-12, for its unstinting support and appreciation…. but even more for modeling collegiality and collective intelligence in its deliberations. More than anything else during the last four and a half years, this group made has made me proud to be a member of the Temple faculty. •



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