volume 43, number 1
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald

Remembering Mark Haller

    Our colleague Mark Haller, historian and one of the founders of the Criminal Justice program at Temple, passed away a little over a week ago. In the obituary in the Philadelphia Inquirer, his brother noted that he had led a faculty protest against the building of the Liacouras Center and the general privileging of athletics during an earlier administration. The episode does not appear in the official history of the university published a few years ago. The Faculty Herald invites contributions reflecting on those events and their relevance for the present, especially in the age of the Penn State scandal.
    Howard Spodek, Richard Immerman and Dieter Forster are a organizing a memorial for Mark Haller for Wednesday, 7 November, 3:30 PM in the Weigley Room, 9th floor Gladfelter Hall. They are planning for a group of speakers to represent Mark's contributions to the University as a whole, the Faculty Sen-ate, CLA, History Department, Criminal Justice, the Honors Program, the Y-Club, Intellectual Heritage, and the Urban Studies Program. They hope that someone from Mark's family will also say a few words.