volume 42, number 5
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald





A Year's End Miscellany
—By David Waldstreicher, Editor

It isn’t a time for grand declarations. I for one have grading to do, dissertators to meet with…. But I couldn’t let the opportunity pass without a few brief comments, kudos, and promissory notes:

--An unusually large number of our colleagues are retiring this year. We hope that the list we got from Human Resources mentions everyone, and if not we hope to hear from you or your colleagues, and publish an addendum. Please let’s take the opportunity to thank our fine colleagues for their many years of service and collegiality.

-- Kudos to TAUP and the administration for working out a contract -- on time!

--Thanks to Provost Englert for staying on through December to provide us with leadership continuity – and for letting us know now.

--We will have a new editor, Steve Newman (Dept. of English, CLA), who will take over in January. Look for a proper introduction in one of the fall issues of the Faculty Herald.

--We are interested in the experience of faculty of color on campus, for a reflective article on race at the “diversity university,” to be published during the Fall semester. Please contact the editor if you are interested in discussing such an article and/or are willing to be interviewed, on or off the record.

--We will report on the Senate leadership’s self-study as the Steering Committee and Senate take up the matter of our governing procedures, as the Provost recommended recently. We will also report on the ongoing effort to reform Collegial Assembly guidelines to ensure faculty voices and participation in the colleges.

Have a restful, stimulating, productive summer!

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