volume 42, number 3
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald

The New Herald Editor -- You?

By David Waldstreicher, Editor


  After three and a half years, it is time to turn over the editorship of the Faculty Herald. I’m writing this now, rather than later in the spring, because I would like more of our readers to consider serving as editor.
   I learned more about Temple than I could have in any other way. I’ll be a better colleague, and a better citizen of my department and my college, for these experiences. But the best part by far was watching other faculty use their collective intelligence to solve real problems. I gained a great deal of pride in this community of scholars and practitioners – pride that helps me to get through the minor alienations of working in a large and legendarily bureaucratic institution. I would especially single out the Faculty Senate Steering Committee, and the senators, who weekly and monthly face the limits as well as the possibilities of faculty influence at what Benjamin Ginsberg calls the “all-administrative university” with humor as well as patience.
   So if you are looking for a break from the departmental routine, feel like you may have something to add to the conversation about the future of Temple, are willing to attend some meetings, to keep an ear open to remarkable faculty achievements and events, to get out of your college and think broadly about the challenges we face, and help the faculty work through some of them – and if you like to write and edit – please consider applying for the editorship of the Faculty Herald, a true Temple tradition in its forty-second year.
   And oh yes, the job comes with a stipend thanks to the Provost’s commitment to faculty tradition, and two course releases with the permission of your dean.♦