volume 42, number 2
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald

Carrying On the Tradition -

The Faculty Herald Seeks its Next Editor

To:   All Full-time Faculty  

From: Frank Friedman
          Chairman, Faculty Herald Advisory Board

December 9, 2011
 Carrying on the Tradition - The Faculty Herald Seeks Its Next Editor

    After two years under the stewardship of Professor Lewis Gordon, and another three years with David Waldstreicher at the helm, the search is once again on for the Editor for the Faculty Herald.  Under Lewis’ and David's leadership (and with considerable help from Assistant Editors Joan Jasak, Aaron Sullivan,and Kime Lawson), the Herald has been completely revamped and revitalized.  Much has been accomplished, and huge steps taken to move Temple forward into the 21st Century in terms of production of our faculty newspaper.  The art and science of producing a first-rate on-line document has reached a high level.  And our goals of highlighting faculty accomplishments, special programs, faculty opinion, University initiatives, and controversial issues, are well in place.

    It is an exciting time at the Herald, and at Temple. The Editorship of the Herald provides a unique opportunity for regular access to high level University administrators including the University President and Provost, faculty leaders, and a chance to exert one’s own leadership and philosophy in shaping new directions for Temple.  The Editor has an inside view of current issues and initiatives at Temple, and a chance to feel the pulse of the University.  You can expect to be directly involved in issues that are important to the University, and to be able to write about stories from every corner of the University that are important to the Temple community.  The editor also attends the weekly Faculty Senate Steering Committee meetings and works directly with the technical professionals and publishers to get the paper “distributed.”
    The position of Editor of the Faculty Herald carries with it a $600 monthly stipend and funds for a full-time graduate assistant.  With the permission of the cognizant dean and department chair, the editorship provides one course release time for each semester the position is held. 

Faculty interested in becoming the next Editor of our Faculty Herald should contact Frank Friedman at 1-5559 or  frank.friedman@temple.edu

If you would like additional inside information about the position, feel free to talk to Professor David Waldstreicher, waldstreicher@temple.edu, or Kime Lawson, klawson@temple.edu.