volume 42, number 2
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald

Provost White Paper Announcement to Come

    Provost Richard M. Englert's strikingly thoughtful and comprehensive white paper "on restructuring the Provost's Portfolio" will be released to the faculty next week. The Faculty Senate Steering Committee are preparing responses to a near-final draft, which they received as the Herald was going to press.
     The topics covered in the Provost's twenty-page document include administrative restructuring of certain colleges, ways of improving the student experience, streamlining administration, revenue enhancement, faculty assignments, eliminating redundanices in course offerings, and other possible changes to curriculum.
     Because this document is of special interest to the faculty and because it will be circulated at a time when we will have some weeks to consider it carefully, The TU Faculty Herald solicits responses to the white paper for a special issue to be pub-lished at the beginning of the spring semester.
    Please address all responses to the editor at facultyherald@temple.edu