volume 42, number 1
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald

Introducing Your New Ride - Zimride

By Kathleen Grady, Office of Sustainability

    Temple faculty can now take advantage of Zimride, Temple’s new online ridesharing software, to help save money on their commute and travel. Zimride is an easy and free way for members of the Temple community members to share seats in their cars or catch rides. With Zimride, Temple faculty can find others in the Temple community who are traveling in the same direction. It can be used for a single ride or for a daily commute. It even includes a feature that allows users to pick how much they want to receive or pay for a ride. Zimride also has the ability for optional Facebook integration. Zimride is exclusive to the Temple community and is only available to those with a temple.edu email address.
  Temple’s Office of Sustainability launched Zimride in April 2011, becoming the first university in Philadelphia to offer the program. Temple joined over 60 colleges and universities around the country to offer Zimride. The Office of Sustainability introduced Zimride as a way to fulfill Temple’s Climate Action Plan, which seeks to reduce 30% of its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. According to the Climate Action Plan, 19% of the University’s greenhouse gas emissions were from transportation. This statistic includes how the Temple community moves to and from campus. Zimride makes it more convenient for the Temple community to share rides and eliminate the use of single occupancy vehicles.
  In order for this service is to expand, it’s critical for the user base to grow as well. The signup requires nothing but a few minutes and a verifiable Temple email. Finding and creating carpools is intuitive and hassle-free. Now carpooling is a safe and realistic option. Visit zimride.temple.edu to register for Zimride.