volume 42, number 1
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald

Faculty Needed for Presidential Search Committee

By Committee on Administrative and Trustee Appointments

  CATA (Committee on Administrative and Trustee Appointments) is the Faculty Senate Committee charged with identifying faculty members willing to serve on administrative search committees and recommending candidates to the FSSC. An advisory committee will son be appointed to assist the Board of Trustees in selecting the next President of the University, and CATA has been asked to identify potential faculty members to serve on this advisory commit-tee.
  If you are interested in serving on this search committee for the next Temple University President, please indicate this by sending your CV to senate2@temple.edu before the close of business on Monday, October 18th. It would help our deliberations if you could explain in a paragraph or so why you have an interest in serving on this committee and what value you would bring to the process.
  I regret the short notice, but hope that you recognize the importance of having faculty participation in an appointment that is of cush vital importance to the faculty and that you will consider volunteering to serve on the search committee.

Thank You,
For CATA, Frank L. Friedman


Faculty Involvement in the Presidential Search Process
A Message from Paul LaFollette, President - Temple University Faculty Senate

Dear Colleagues,
   I met last week with Patrick O'Connor, chairman of Temple's Board of Trustees, to discuss with him the process that the Board would use to search for a new President. I was joined by Jane Evans, who was President of the Faculty Senate during the previous presidential search, and who was a member of the search committee at that time.

  The Board has the final responsibility for selecting the President of the University, and for establishing the process by which this person will be selected. They will soon be forming a search committee which will consist of a selection of board members, two or three faculty, and a student. The Board will make the final selections of the student, and of the faculty members after hearing the advice of the senate's Committee on Academic and Trustee Appointments (CATA) and of the Senate.

  Based on our discussion, I anticipate a broadly based search which will look at candidates with a wide range of backgrounds from both inside and outside of academia in an attempt to identify the best possible leader for Temple University. It will be important that the faculty members present be well prepared to assist the committee in understanding the significance of such matters as academic freedom and academic integrity to the proper functioning of a major university dedicated to scholarly and educational activities. When you receive CATA's request for names, please respond both quickly and thoughtfully.