volume 41, number 3
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald


Representative Faculty Senate

Nov. 10, 2010



Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 1:50 pm.

Guest: President Ann Weaver-Hart

President LaFollette welcomed President Ann Weaver Hart.

President Hart related the success of the Middle States review, the quality of the incoming freshman and transfer students, and how well she felt everything transpired at the beginning of the semester.

The high yield rate exceeded the number of students who actually arrived on campus. The total number of Temple Students is now 40,000 including TU Japan.

The attention that was paid to enrolling and attracting diversity in the incoming 2010 class of freshmen and transfer student resulted in the following statistics: 14 % African American,12% Asian, 4% Hispanic, 63% white and 7% other.

New agreements are being made with two-year institutions for seamless transfer of future incoming transfer students.

The four year and six year “time to graduation rate” has improved considerably and is above the national averages.

President Hart said that she appreciates the eight semester grids that help students to be able to graduate on time.

In order to reduce the “melt” rate from freshman year to sophomore year, the university is developing a number of processes that will help the most “at risk” students from dropping out. Ten new undergraduate advisors have been hired to be available to help students.

The university is trying to be responsive to returning veterans and helping to make programs affordable for them. There is now an officer in charge of Returning Veteran Recruitment in the Admissions Office.

Law Student and Pharmacy student pass rates were exceptional this past year. Over the last five years, over 300 tenure or tenure track faculty members have been hired. Eighty searches have been approved for 2011-2012.

President Hart mentioned a number of elements of the 20/20 Plan that will be further explicated at the Town Meeting taking place on November 17th.

She announced that over the next ten years, there will be 250 scholarships available to students from areas surrounding Temple University.

President Hart will be working with the Harrisburg state government to garner as much funding as possible for the 2011-2012 Temple Budget.

Guest: Interim Vice President and Provost, Richard Englert – “Dialogue with Dick.”

Provost Englert congratulated Jennifer Cromley from the College of Education for the Presidential Award she received. Only two of these eighty prestigious awards were given to Education Professors.

President Hart has asked that a committee be established to examine the “Guidelines for Promotion and Tenure.” She has requested the completion of a report by December 15th. She will then post the report on a website and invite comments from everyone by January 31st. Final guidelines will be issued by the middle of February. These guidelines will govern the next round of tenure and promotion cases to be considered.

Next week, the faculty senate leadership will receive the bylaw template that will be reviewed at a mini-retreat with the FSSC on November 17th. In the creation of the template, there has been a deliberate attempt to creatively develop a template that can be used by many schools and colleges. It contains some standardized language.

There is a new leadership team in the College of Education since Dean McGuire has resigned. Provost Englert was very impressed with the College of Education Town Meeting and his meetings individual faculty and staff. Provost Englert thanked Tony Ranere and the members of CATA for their participation in recommending faculty to be considered for the dean search committees. He said that they did an excellent job.

There will be a sustainability pledge offered to campus employees to sign. The target is to gain 3000 signatures by Earth Day.

Professor Marina Angel (School of Law) made the statement that she feels that any appointments being made to committees on campus should come through the faculty senate. This comment was made in response to hearing that the faculty chosen for the new Guidelines for Tenure and Promotion Committee, were selected by President Hart and Provost Englert. Senator Angel feels that there is a 'continuing pattern’ of faculty being put on administration/faculty committees without the Faculty Senate nominating the faculty. She believes this pattern has to stop.

Professor Art Hochner (Business and Management) suggested that it would be good for a blog to be set up to comment upon the new suggested tenure and promotion guidelines, so that input could build upon what is written and everyone can be aware of the thoughts of others. Professor Hochner asked about the process of the acceptance of the bylaws templates. Provost Englert responded by saying that the bylaws must be approved by the Board of Trustees.

Approval of Minutes of 12 October 2010:

The minutes from the Representative Senate Faculty Meeting of October 12, 2010 were unanimously approved.

Old Business:

Professor Gregory Urwin’s (College of Liberal Arts) motion from the previous Representative Faculty Meeting was considered.

Professor Chares Jungreis suggested an amendment to the motion, including the phrase “whenever possible.”

Secretary Roberta Sloan objected to the wording “whenever possible.”

Professor Urwin also objected to the wording “whenever possible.”

Professor Bill Woodward (Law School) suggested that the phrase “whenever possible” be eliminated from the proposed revision of the resolution and suggested adding instead, “Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the Faculty Senate Steering Committee, on occasion, by request.”

Professor Urwin accepted the friendly amendment of the rewording the resolution.

The following resolution passed:

2010-11-10 Temple University Faculty Representative Senate Meeting Resolution




"Members of Temple University wishing to appear on the meeting agenda of the Temple Faculty Senate must provide the senate secretary or some other senate officer or functionary with the text or a summary of their remarks (and any accompanying PowerPoint presentation) at least two weeks before the meeting at which they wish to appear so that these materials can be posted on a Blackboard page (or some other appropriate Internet location) to which all Temple faculty will be granted access. The names and email addresses of all faculty senators will be listed on the aforementioned Internet location and grouped by college, permitting faculty from their respective colleges to easily send them feedback concerning the items on the agenda. Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the Faculty Senate President or Steering Committee, as occasions demand.”



President’s Report: Paul LaFollette

President LaFollette reported that he enjoyed attending the two recent events centering on women’s issues. The first was a presentation by Nancy Hopkins and the other was the conference sponsored by the Committee on the Status of Women.

President LaFollettee mentioned that he is looking forward to the FSSC retreat on November 17th. He reported that the FSSC Officers have met with Dick Englert and discussed the SFFs. Currently, online SFF’s are being piloted voluntarily by tenured and adjunct faculty who wish to participate in the pilot study. There is an effort being made to see if the pilot SFFs will constitute an adequate number of responses from students. The pilot program will happen both during the fall and spring semesters. The Faculty Senate SFF Committee will be working with Senior Vice Provost of Undergraduate Affairs, Peter Jones, to evaluate the results of the pilot study.

President LaFollette reported that guests at the FSSC meetings have been Dean of Students, Stephanie Ives; Senior Vice Provost of Strategic Initiatives and Communication; Betsy Leebron Tutleman, Senior Vice Provost of Research and Graduate Education; Ken Blank and Associate Dean of the Graduate School, Zebulon Kendrick.

The issue of the Temple Website has been discussed with each guest who has given presentations to the FSSC. There is general agreement that it can be a huge challenge to find useful and pertinent information quickly.

President LaFollette also reported that the university has hired a Vice- President of Branding and the FSSC is concerned that resources are being expended on form rather than content and the accessibility of that content.

Vice President’s Report: Paul LaFollette for Vice President Joan Shapiro

Vice President Shapiro asked President LaFollette to give her report since she was unable to be at the Representative Faculty Senate Meeting.

Faculty Senate Committee vacancies has been listed for the senators by Senate Coordinator, Cheryl Mack. It was included in the materials that could be picked up at the front desk by the senators This listing shows which committees still need faculty volunteers.

Elections for Committees requiring elected appointments will begin on Monday, November 15, 2010.



The meeting was adjourned at 2:58 PM.


Respectfully submitted,
Roberta Sloan, Ph.D.
Faculty Senate Secretary