volume 41, number 3
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald

Rising Attendance at Faculty Senate
David Waldstreicher, editor


A year ago (Vol. 40, Number 3), we publicized the not especially impressive attendance rates of senators at Representative Faculty Senate meetings. At the time, we were averaging about 36 senators per meeting out of about 120.

It should always be noted that scheduling conflicts for the early afternoon meetings always make it impossible for perhaps up to a third of our number on any given day. Plus no one is tracking how many follow the meeting by listening to the recordings made available on the Senate’s webpage.

What we do know is that after a similar start (38 in September), attendance for the next four meetings (October, November, December and January) jumped to for the first four meetings of this year, attendance has risen to 45, 50, 50, and 47 respectively. This is a statistically significant (approximately 33%) rise from last year’s average, perhaps due to the Senate’s resolution, designed to limit administrators’ presentations so that the Senate might spend more of its time deliberating and “doing” rather than listening. (See Nov. 24 Minutes.)


The Editor