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Also Known As…

 The Baptist Temple is now also known as The Temple Performing Arts Center. At the Faculty Town Hall Meeting, President Hart explained that this is not a name change as much as a marketing necessity for drawing acts and crowds to the venue.

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Achieving Equity


Society’s progress toward the sometimes elusive goal of gendered equality in the workplace was under review on October 20. “Achieving Equity: Women, the Workplace, and the Law,” the second annual conference hosted by the Faculty Senate Committee on the Status of Women, met at the Gittis Student Center to explore the advances and challenges of gendered equity here at Temple and in the academic workplace generally. Key themes included the often invisible nature of discrimination today, the particular challenges women face as care-givers and mothers, the academic mission and standards of Temple University, and choices the faculty and administration face when deciding how to continue the pursuit of equity.

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Upcoming University Senate Meeting, Thursday, Dec. 9

The last meeting of the Faculty Senate for this semester will take place Thursday, December 9th, 1:45 p.m. (Study Day)

Main Campus: Kiva Auditorium, 1st Floor - Ritter Hall

Annex Videoconferencing with:

  • Health Sciences - 343 Medical Education and Research Building
  • Ambler - 301 Ambler Learning Center

The Faculty Senate Steering Committee would like to hear from you about two issues.

We plan to spend the bulk of the meeting soliciting your response to the following questions:


1. How can we make the best use of the Student Feedback Forms (the instrument previously known as CATE).

· How should they be administered?

· What functions should they serve?

· What functions should they not serve?


2. How well is the current matrix serving your students?

· What has your experience been in accommodating to the matrix?

· Does it provide sufficient flexibility in scheduling?

· Does the process for getting permission to schedule off the   matrix work effectively to benefit students?


Please join us, and help us understand how these issues are affecting you and your students.

The  formal agenda will be:

Call to order at 1:45

Approval of the minutes from the May 2010 University Senate meeting

Dialog with Dick - Provost Englert responds to your questions and   comments

Old Business

New Business

Discussion of the issues listed above


University Senate Meetings are open to all faculty; all tenure/tenure track faculty, and non-tenure track faculty who have held full time faculty status for three consecutive years, are eligible to vote. ALL FACULTY ARE INVITED TO ATTEND MONTHLY SENATE MEETINGS.


A 20/20 Update: President Hart Outlines Building Plans at Faculty Town Hall Meeting

"On November 16, before about forty faculty members, President Hart fleshed out the ambitious picture of a new “destination” campus not too far on the horizon."

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Advancing Research Excellence

The first in a series of five forums highlighting the components of the Academic Compass, the Advancing Research Excellence Forum was held November 4 in the Medical Education and Research Building, one the health science campus’s newest and most stunning structures. Organized by the combined efforts of Temple faculty, the Office of the Provost, the Senior Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Education, and the Senior Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives and Communications, the forum brought together the faculty from thirteen different schools and colleges, allowed them to share their research goals and strategies and, hopefully, fostered new interdisciplinary connections."

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