volume 41, number 2
Temple UniversityFaculty Herald

The CARE Team and the Faculty
—By Stephanie Ives, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students

Looking out for student well-being is an important and often difficult undertaking at a university of 37,000 students. Temple University’s Crisis Assessment, Response and Education (CARE) Team is a central group to which faculty and other members of the Temple community can bring their concerns about students they consider at risk of endangering themselves or others in the university community. The CARE Team was formalized following the Virginia Tech shootings as a consistent, primary resource for those troubled by students’ problematic behaviors. Typical CARE Team referrals include matters of self injury, suicide attempts, depression, aggression,intimidation, harassment, erratic behavior, relationship or other physical violence, substance abuse, serious academic difficulty and a wide range of other issues.

The CARE Team is comprised of representatives from Campus Safety Services; the Division of Student Affairs, including University Housing and Residential Life, Disability Resources and Services and Tuttleman Counseling; the Office of Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies; the Office of Student Conduct; Student Health Services, and University Counsel.  CARE Team also includes a faculty colleague, Lois Millner, MSW, Ph.D.,
from the College of Health Professions and Social Work, who brings an important perspective to the committee and serves as a liaison to faculty. The CARE Team, convened by the Associate Vice President and Dean of Students, Stephanie Ives, Ed.D., assesses each referral and develops and implements proactive responses that include strategies for supporting the student in need as well as those in the Temple community who might be affected. CARE Team referrals have increased annually from 61 in AY ’08-’09 to 134 in AY ’09-’10.

The CARE Team meets weekly to consider new students who have been referred and to provide updates on those students with whom they are still in consultation. Faculty, staff or administrators who are concerned about a student can make a referral through any member of the CARE Team. See the CARE Team website for a list of members and a review of the referral process: http://www.temple.edu/studentaffairs/CARETeam.htm Often
referrals are made directly to the Dean of Students (Stephanie.ives@temple.edu, 215-204-7188), Campus Safety Services (carl.bittenbender@temple.edu, 215-204-7900), or the faculty representative (Lois.millner@temple.edu, 215-204-6040). The CARE team, which works to protect the privacy of all parties involved, is a vital support system for our campus.