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President and Athletic Director Host Faculty Town Hall Meeting on Athletics

About eighty faculty, administrators, and Athletics departments staff gathered for a very convivial Oct. 4 Faculty town hall meeting.

This meeting followed up on presentations by Athletics Director Bill Bradshaw and some of his staff at a Representative Senate meeting April 15 (See Minutes, pp. 9-10 of this issue). At that meeting, coaches descried the challenging life of student athletes, and several faculty asked challenging questions about processes for student athletes in academic trouble and the difficult position in which faculty are often put in such situations.  

There were no such challenging moments at this event. Bradshaw and his coaches made a compelling case for their deep involvement in Temple and their appreciation for the institution’s values. The President noted that 565 student athletes participate in 24 sports, and that despite a $30.4 million budget, “we keep expenses low,” spending in the 25th percentile of what peer schools are spending per student athlete while putting 30% more than average directly into scholarships.   The overall message of the president’s informative presentation was that even though Athletics does not pay its own way or even (as she has said on other occasions) lead to much Alumni giving (like most such programs), we should all be 100% behind it. After the president and the Athletics Director were done, and several very interested parties made related statements from the floor, there was little time – or it seemed, inclination – to talk about the tougher questions involved in Athletics at Temple at a time of budget cuts.


My general impression was that the skeptics stayed away, and some of the fans among the faculty came out – if not in droves, at least with their measured enthusiasm. As an event, it was nice – including the hors d’oeuvres. As a town hall meeting, it left me feeling somewhat empty.

The Editor

Faculty Senate to Discuss Resolution on Representation and Administrators' Presentations at Senate Meetings

At the Oct. 12 Representative meeting, Prof. Gregory Urwin (CLA) presented the following resolution, which will have a second reading and discussion at the next Senate meeting:


Temple University administrators wishing to appear on the agenda of the Faculty Senate must provide the senate secretary (or some other senate officer or functionary) with the text or summary of their remarks (and any accompanying PowerPoint presentations) two weeks before the meeting at which they wish to appear.

These materials will be posted on a Blackboard page (or some other Internet location) to which all Temple faculty will be granted access.

The names and e-mail addresses of all faculty senators will be listed on the aforementioned Internet location and grouped by college, permitting faculty from their respective colleges to easily send them feedback concerning the items the administration wishes to discuss with the senate.

When administrators appear before the Faculty Senate, they will keep their introductory remarks brief to provide more time for questions and discussion with the faculty’s representatives.

Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the Faculty Senate’s president or Steering Committee as occasions demand.

Life in the Library Committee

"You’ve just agreed to serve on the Library Committee, and you are not sure what’s ahead of you. What will you do, exactly, as member of this group?"

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Senate Committee Reports Continue: International Programs, TU Press, Personnel, and Community based Learning and Collaboration Committees

The Herald would like to thank the Faculty Senate committees and their members for their service over the past year.

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